Marvel’s Midnight Suns from 2K and Firaxis Games has been quiet since being delayed out of its initial March 2022 release window to the second half of the year. Following a set of ratings for the title from international sources and ahead of the upcoming Summer Game Fest, however, it would appear that the Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date and more might have leaked.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Release Date and More Seemingly Leaks

Over on Twitter, Nils Ahrensmeier recently shared that Marvel’s Midnight Suns would release on October 6th with pre-orders set to begin soon. Ahrensmeier also claimed that there would be several editions of the video game — Standard, Enhanced, and Legendary — with different benefits in each. Additionally, it was claimed that Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch would both be playable characters. While this had all the hallmarks of a strong rumor at the time, it has since been hit with a copyright takedown from what appears to be Take-Two that seemingly adds further legitimacy to the whole thing.

The timing of the leak is also notable because Summer Game Fest 2022 is officially set to kick off in full with an event on June 9th. Increasingly, Summer Game Fest is the event where many publishers and developers choose to share major announcements and reveals, and the release date alongside new playable characters for Marvel’s Midnight Suns would fit in nicely with other likely suspects for the events given that it’s set for the second half of the year but doesn’t have an announced release date as of yet.

As noted above, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is currently scheduled to release for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in the second half of 2022. It had previously been set for March 2022. No definitive release date has been announced as of yet, though the leak claims it will release on October 6th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming Marvel-branded video game right here.

God of War Ragnarok is one of 2022’s most anticipated games, but it was noticeably missing from the latest PlayStation State of Play. Aside from some relatively small details and general updates, Sony hasn’t had any notable updates on God of War Ragnarok in roughly a year. Fans have been hoping for new gameplay, plot details, and most importantly, a release date for quite some time. Sony has reassured fans that it is still slated for 2022, but the lack of news is causing some doubt. Although it’s not uncommon for games to have long periods of silence as the team is heads-down on the project, many feel that the extent of this silence is growing more and more tedious.

The latest PlayStation State of Play had a number of great games featured, but it was largely a show dedicated to PlayStation VR titles, some third-party games, and PC ports for the Spider-Man series. It was largely a solid show, but for those who have been anxiously waiting for more God of War news, it may come as a disappointment. Given Sony hasn’t announced any other State of Plays this summer, many God of War fans are left to wonder when they will actually hear about the game. Some recent leaks suggested that the game could release in September, but there’s no way to know for certain until Sony tells us.

God of War Ragnarok is expected to be Sony’s big release for 2022, but they may be opting for a shorter marketing cycle. Aside from some E3 appearances in the years prior, the 2018 God of War game had a short marketing burst around 3 – 4 months before the game actually released. Whether or not history will repeat itself remains to be seen, but it worked out quite well for the previous game

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