Medicinal values of lavender

Lavender is a plant of Lamiaceae family which is commonly known as mint family. It is an evergreen perennial plant with the height of 40-60cm.

By:Muhammad Zulqarnain Haidar, Muhammad Anzal Mujtaba, Muhammad Sami, Muhammad Arslan, Dr.Athar Mahmood, Dr. Maria Naqvi, Muhammad Anjum Zia

Medicinal value of lavender

It is the native of South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Andorra Middle East countries, South West Asia and South East India with the history dating back as 2500years.It is also cultivated in gardens for the purpose of their fragrant leaves, Essential oil and attractive flowers. It contains more than 30species.In ancient time it used as Holy herb and as freshen up of the cloth and hair.

Chemical composition

            Lavender contains the Essential oil with Ursolic acid, Valeric acid, Glycolic acid, Coumaric acid, Sugar Minerals and Tannins. Lavender oil extracted from plant body and it contain all the alcoholic properties. This oil mainly contain 40% of Linalyl acetate which is an ester form of acetate which contains sweet and fruity smell and also having the antimicrobial activities. The second mian component of lavender oil is linalol which is about 30% is a terpene alcohol with antimicrobial activity. Lavender is characterized by low level of magnesium and sodium.

Medicinal properties

Lavender is used as fragrances in cosmetics.It also improve skin health some of the benefits are as followingꓽ

Healing the wound

The oil of the lavender is very effective and helpful for the healing of the wounds an experiments conducted in laboratory where the Lavender oil apply on the rat’s wounds and it proved more effective in wound healing.

 Improving sleep

A study published in British Association of critical nurses, where it says that the Lavender oil is very beneficial in improving sleep for those patients which face sleeping difficulty.

Improve skin health

Lavender is used for the skin improvement. The Lavender oil is very helpful for the treatment of the skin blemishes. The lavender oil is also helpful for the acne and skin inflammation. A study published in journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medical says that those peoples which face the problem of sensitive skin must dilute the Lavender oil with water before applying on the skin.

Helpful for Hair growth

The growth of hair increases 44% if the Lavender oil is used with the combination of some other plants oil. Another recent study says that the Lavender oil increase the hair growth on the body of the mouse when it put on the body of mice.        

Fungal infection

Many studies revealed Lavender oil are very obliging for the fungal infection. It also inhibits the growth of fungal by destroying the cell membrane of the fungal cells. It also harmful for many skin causes strains.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause the stress on the heart which also the big factor of heart attack. A research published which says that, people having the open-heart surgery use the Lavender oil to reduce their blood pressure and the heart rate.  This proved that the Lavender oil is helpful for blood pressure.

Helpful for Asthma

            Lavender has the anti-inflammatory effect due to which it is very helpful for the bronchial asthma. A study published in 2014 says that, lavender have a positive effect on the respiration of mice. It also protects the mice from the allergic inflammation but it is unclear whether the same result shows in human being or not.


The Lavender oil is very effective for the reduction of the anxiety for this purpose 80 milligram capsule of lavender oil is present in market with the name of Silexan.

Menstrual problems

The Lavender oil can overcome the pain in stomach if the Lavender oil is used during primary days in menstrual cycle and the massage with oil is also obliging for menstrual problems.

Post-surgical pain

             The inhalation of the lavender can reduce in pain from the C section surgery in women. Other studies also state that, the lavender also reduce the pain after the tonsil surgery in children.

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is made with the water and lavender plant body.  This tea is also very helpful for the better sleep and nervous calmness. It also helpful for the reducing high level anxiety.


Lavender is a very ancient plant with dating back to 2500 years and was considered very beneficial for the many medicinal aspects, but it also has some harmful effects on the health of humans in some consequences.  There is further research need to know the exact and correct medicinal use and the harmful aspect of the lavender. The food and drug (FDA) not approved lavender as medicinal use yet, but many researches show the beneficial effect and the antibiotic nature of the lavender. Due to these researches the lavender adds in food supplement, but still there is more advanced and further research is required on the lavender plant.

By: Muhammad Zulqarnain Haidar, Muhammad Anzal, Muhammad Sami, Muhammad Arslan, Dr.Athar Mahmood, Dr. Maria Naqvi, Muhammad Anjum Zia

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