To be able to keep track of what your favorite websites post on a daily basis can be hectic, and that’s why you have solutions like mailing lists, RSS feed. Also, a couple of months ago we heard about something similar called the Followable tabs. Both Microsoft and Google were working towards adding the feature to their browsers, but for some reason, they both dropped the idea later. Now, to everyone’s surprise, Microsoft has started working on it once again.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has recently enabled the ability to follow websites by default in Microsoft Edge, meaning it won’t require you to go through the pain of enabling a flag. Microsoft is currently testing the feature with Chrome Canary users, so you’re out of luck if you’re using Dev or Stable version of the browser.

For those unaware, the new Followable web feature is designed to help people get the latest content from the website they follow. It aggregates all the latest content from the sites that you follow, making it easier for you to find them all in one place.

As for how to use the feature, a Follow button can be located on the address bar of the Microsoft Edge browser. The sites that you follow will appear on a side panel. In order to see which sites you’re following, you’ll have to go to the Collections, and then click on the ellipsis menu of the Collections box.

As Leopeva64-2 noted, the Followable web feature is part of controlled feature rollout. In other words, not every Microsoft Edge Canary user will get the feature in one go. But if you’re one of the lucky users to get the feature, do let us know your experience down in the comments section.

Source: Ctv News