KP takes revolutionary steps for uplift agriculture sector

KP government has taken revolutionary steps for the development of agriculture sector in the province, to irrigate 11,872 acres of land in Mansehra a 65km long Siran Righ Bank Canal (SRBC) Shankiyari with the cost of 1.93 billion rupees is under construction.


It would transform the agriculture of Mansehra and increase the agri production up to 35 percent and in KP up to .51 percent. Through the SRBC mostly Tehsil Baffa and adjoining areas including Mujahid Abad, Kulhary, Gali Bagh Tanda, Bajna and Khaki would be benefited where in Bajna and Tanda main channel would be constructed to provide water to a large scale agri land.

The irrigation department has made a state-of-the-art design of SRBC keeping in view the surrounding residential areas, roads, forests and wildlife. Besides bridges, underpasses several canal crossing structures for the wildlife have also been included in the design to facilitate animals.

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PTI-led KP government has started irrigation project on priority to develop the agriculture sector of Hazara division which was inaugurated by the chief minister and it would be completed by the end of 2023.

While talking to the media men, Project Manager Pakistan Engineering Services and Consultant SRBC Rab Nawaz Khan said after the completion of 65km long canal it would revolutionize the agriculture of Mansehra and would help increase the agriculture products. Giving the details of the project, he said that 115,000 Kanal land was utilized for the construction of SRBC while on the 400 acres land of Tanda and Bajna two main channels are under construction, in these areas no tax would be imposed while earlier the farmers had to bear Rs8 lakh annually for the dredging and removing of the slit from the channel.

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Rab Nawaz Khan said that after completion of construction the SRBC would be two-meter wide and one meter deep while a 15 feet wide 65km long blacktop road would also be constructed along the canal which would increase the property value of the area and also improve the living standard of the people.

Source: APP

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