Lemon as an effective remedy against COVID-19

In past, millions of people died due to severe pandemics that confused the researchers. In 2002 Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome (SARS) arose and in 2012 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) invaded with Saudi Arabia as the origin and caused respiratory diseases in the animals. Both of the above syndromes were obligate in nature, require living host for the transmission.

By Asif Mukhtiar, Tahreem Arshad, Saima Asghar, Amna Ghafoor, Maria Naqve, Athar Mahmood

A new mysterious Syndrome was originated in December 2019, named as a novel SARS-Corona Virus 2 COV-2 also called as Corona Virus Disease 2019. Covid-19 was firstly originated in China as pneumonia outbreak and spread all over the world pandemically. To encounter the effects of COVID-19 several food remedies has been very effective such as orange, lemon, turmeric, limes, Avocados and oranges.

Entry of Virus in the Host Cell

   The angiotensin converting enzyme 2(ACE2) has deducted as a receptor to play a vital role in entry of virus cell. ACE2 is a protenious part that is present on surface of many cell types. ACE2 acts as enzyme that produces small protein by breaking up larger protein subunits, angiotensinogen. Thus, blockers of ACE2 work as potential target for interruption of viral agents into the cell.

Essential Oils

Human health has encountered a global threat in the form of Corona Virus disease 2019 (Covid-19). Unfortunately, established efficacy and inflammatory confirmations of SARS COVID2 faced very short-listed availability of the approved drugs. Major ingredients of essential oils as effective medicine have been used in the past in Aromatherapy and Psychotherapy.

        Recent studies revealed that a broad compass of pharmacological activities such as spasmolytic, anti-ceptic, expectorant, anti diuretic, hypermeric, choleretic, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer are present in essential oils. Monoterpenoids and pleuylpropanoids are the peculiar ingredients that are present in the essential oils regarding pharmacological properties. Further to these properties essential oils are also acting as the origin of antiviral agents for the cure of viral epidemics such as SARS-Corona virus 2 in humans. These antiviral essential oils have also been found effective against the enveloped RNA or DNA viruses Herpes simplex type1, influenza virus and dengue virus type-2 as well as non-enveloped virus such as polio virus and adenovirus type 3 .

Chemical Profile of lemon and Geranium:

Lemon and Geranium oil constitutes significant ingredients, in geranium oil 22  and in lemon oil 9 compounds present are found to be beneficial against viral entry in to the cell. Neryl-acetate, Citronellol and Geraniol are the major ingredients present in geranium oil and limonene is present in higher concentration in lemon oil. Among 22 compounds present in geranium there is 21.4% geraniol, 10.5% neryl acetate and 27.1% citronellol that constitute 60% of the geranium oil. Of the total oil produced in lemon limonene only contributes about 73%. The 2nd and 3rd most abundant compounds are Ƴ-terpinene (9.2%) and β -pinene (8.6%).

How to prevent invasion of Virus:

The component of the essential oils has several ways to hinder the viral entry and protect from their effect. In recent studies, ACE2 has been examined as receptor in epithelial cells. Furthermore, the spike protein of SARS-COV2 has a vital role in the fusion process of Cell membrane and receptor identification. For priming of spike protein SARS COV-2 binds ACE2 and begins the activation of serine protease TMPRSS2. After this, the entry of virus into host cell takes place and multiplication starts. The spike glycoprotein of SARS COV-2, that interact with ACE2 act as potential agent in the development of Vaccines, antibodies and drugs .Therefore, either retardation of TMPRSS receptor or ACE2 are the gateways to suppress the viral entry into the host cell. The inhibition of viral multiplication takes place by the components present in essential oils.

The denaturing of glycoprotein structures of virus and blockage of affectivity of the viral particles takes place by viricidal agents. Invasion of SARS-COV2 can be avoided by the usage of citeronollol and limonene and their derivatives, collectively valuable as antiviral agents.

 Infusion strengthening the immune system

Moroccan population prepared an infusion extracted from plants such as ginger, lemon, and thyme with the supplement of honey was found effective in strengthening their immune system in winter to cope with shortness of breath, fever, cold, sore throat and fatigue symptoms that are similar to the SARS-COV-2. Thus, infusion can strengthen the body’s natural immunity. Due to abundance of vitamin C, Quercetin, Zinc and bioactive substances that are necessary for normal metabolic process against viral agent and famous SARS-COV-2.

Lemon and Baking Soda Tea

Mutation and multiplication of corona virus takes place by acid cells in the body. Till the end 2020, there was no death in Israel due to Covid-19. The reason of this was the tea that has made from hotter baking soda and lemon juice. Lemon juice has ability to retard acid cells. An acid base product is a mixture of baking soda (base) and lemon (acid). This infusion kills the virus and danger of Covid-19, by drinking lemon juice and sodium bicarbonate decrease the acidity and the danger of COVID-19. Yet it has some positive effects to avoid COVID-19 invasion.

Lemon juice is very much effect for flue and cold symptoms. In 1918, when Influenza Pandemic arose, the enduring folk cure that is on demanding, capitalized by the citrus farmers, also valuable for Covid-19, due to the similarity of symptoms between COVID-19 and Influenza Virus.“Doctors everywhere testify to the efficacy of the hot-bath-hot-lemonade-hot-bed remedy”. After the official description, this treatment was more common. People were furious for the effectiveness of the lemon juice and baking soda that are accessible, cheap and benign.

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