e-Pay Punjab Becomes Successful as it Completes Transaction of PKR 50,000 Billion

e-Pay Punjab, developed by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for Punjab Finance Department, has collected a staggering PKR 50 Billion+ as tax revenue against 10 Million+ transactions to date.

e-Pay Punjab becomes successful as it completes transaction of PKR 50,000 billion

This was informed during a progress review meeting in which Chairman Punjab PITB Azfar Manzoor stated that e-pay Punjab continues to efficiently facilitate the citizens by enabling them to pay taxes online through a number of payment channels. It was also informed that e-Pay Punjab app has been downloaded 928,058 times allowing citizens to easily make tax payments anywhere anytime. PITB DG IT-Ops Faisal Yousaf and other senior officials were also present at the meeting.

Offering online payment of 21 taxes/levies for 10 different departments, e-Pay Punjab has collected a total revenue of PKR 9.68 Billion against 1,385,009 transactions through Token Tax, PKR 28.29 Billion against 29,918 transactions through Sales Tax on Services, PKR 2.22 Billion against 7,374,668 transactions through Traffic Challan, PKR 7.5 Billion against 415,857 transactions through Property Tax and PKR 1 Billion plus against 239, 035 transactions through Route Permit.

e-Pay Punjab is a flagship project of PITB in collaboration with Punjab Finance Department. Automation of online tax payment system through e-Pay Punjab has made government collections easier by making the payments process prompt and hassle-free through a number of payment channels.

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