Z2C’s Service To Assist Publishers Monetize Their Data

Tools To Predict The Behavior Of Target Audiences, Including Future Patterns Which Can Be Monetize Their Data Down The Line

Z2C Limited has launched an industry-first solution to help publishers monetize their data. The solution is part of the second-party data marketplace under Brainchild Communications Pakistan (BCP), which will now allow advertisers to procure first-party data sourced from publishers, representing their first avenue in monetizing data. “As digital publishers look to expand paths towards data monetization, selling to a data exchange appears to be a low-risk path to growing business viability and exploring an alternative avenue for growth,” said Saadi Ghouse, an associate business director at Starcom. “The second-party data handed over is often demographic and contextual while also being mobile-first. Existing regional leaders in this space include Oracle, Lotame, Neustar, Salesforce, and Adobe.” Advertisers that purchase first-party data from a data marketplace benefit from the tools to predict the behavior of target audiences, including future patterns which can be monetize their data down the line. The first-party data also comes with insights on the content consumption habits of the audience and an understanding of what they prefer interacting with.

“Over the past twelve months, our data hub has been growing consistently and now offers a reach of over ten million across 400 segments, powered by four of the leading publishers in Pakistan,” said Farhan Khan, the CEO of Brainchild Communications Pakistan. “We foresee that this initiative will give advertisers in Pakistan the digital maturity and business case justification to work on alternative targeting approaches that include zero-party data-driven and first-party data-driven lookalike models, segment-based audiences, and contextual targeting methods to connect relevant ads to a specific audience.” Fro a data supply perspective, some of the leading publishers in Pakistan are partners for this initiative, including Hamariweb, Urdupoint, Propakistani, and KFoods. From the data demand perspective, the pilot advertisers have been Mondelez and FrieslandCampina.

What do publishers say about the Z2C second-party data marketplace?

“ProPakistani is sitting on a wealth of audience data that advertisers are keen to use for their campaigns,” said Aamir Attaa, founder of ProPakistani. “When our millions of daily active users visit ProPakistani, read articles, share content, and click on ads, they leave digital breadcrumbs which point us in the direction of their broader interests, category interests, and brand interests within those categories. In working with the Z2C second party marketplace, we have learned just how valuable our audience data is, as a source of new revenue generation and a tool for effective media mix modeling.

“As marketers tested the limits of third party data and faced questions about the quality of the data and its segmentation upon collection, we were proud to join the Z2C second party marketplace to monetize our own data assets,” said Rizwan Shaikh project head at Webiz Media. “We provide complete transparency into how and when that data was collected, stating definitively the specific reasons or behaviors taken to classify users into an audience segment. Our experience with the Z2C second party marketplace has proven to be game-changing for our business and how we position ourselves in the media ecosystem”

“In light of the upcoming data depreciation, advertisers and agencies around the world have realized that high-quality granular data has never been more important to marketers,” said Zaki Baig, head of business at UrduPoint. “To support brand marketers with this challenge, we partnered up with Z2C to offer actionable targeting data, which helps marketers understand who their customers are and how they make purchasing decisions. Our experience with the team at Z2C and Brainchild Communications Pakistan has been positive, showing how we too can provide marketers with a roadmap for finding new customers and growing their lifetime value.”

What do advertisers say about the Z2C second-party data marketplace?

“Having experimented with data and analytics throughout my career, I am pleasantly surprised with the strategic implications of the quality data inside the Z2C second-party data marketplace,” said Nabeel Ahmad, the Manager of Media and Activation at FrieslandCampina. “Now we can understand better how consumers spend their time and where they make their decisions, insights which can help plan our media spends more efficiently. “ “By leveraging the Z2C second-party data marketplace, we are learning a great deal about our customers’ interests, needs, and aspirations,” said Talha Hashim the senior brand manager of chocolates at Mondelez International.

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