First Vaccine For Gum Disease & Futuristic Lighting Technology

CRC’s Work Has Led To The Development Of A Potential World-First Vaccine For Severe Gum Disease, Which Is Now In Pre-Clinical Trials

A vision-enabled robot who can create gigantic urban art works, the world’s first vaccine for gum disease, and futuristic lighting technology that can either make us fall asleep or be more alert on the job have taken out Cooperative Research Australia’s Excellence in Innovation Awards. The three Excellence in Innovation Awards 2021 winners are Innovative Manufacturing CRC, Oral Health CRC, and Alertness, Safety & Productivity CRC.

Innovative Manufacturing CRC

Innovative Manufacturing CRC received the Excellence in Innovation award for the Design Robotics for Mass Customisation Manufacturing project it undertook with Queensland University of Technology, RMIT, and Brisbane-based design company Urban Art Projects (UAP). The $8m project resulted in the development of vision-enabled robotics, which UAP has used to transform the work of influential artists into gigantic, bespoke urban art works, and in doing so grow its international business revenue by 30%. UAP has obliterated the myth robots take human jobs. It has grown its Australian workforce headcount from 82 employees with 20 on the workshop floor in 2017 to 125 employees with 57 in workshop.

Oral Health CRC

Oral Health CRC, led by Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO (who was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in 2017), received the Excellence in Innovation award for its ground-breaking research into gum disease. The CRC’s work has led to the development of a potential world-first vaccine for severe gum disease, which is now in pre-clinical trials for commercialisation by CSL.

Alertness, Safety & Productivity CRC

Alertness, Safety & Productivity CRC received the Excellence in Innovation award for its research in partnership with Versalux Lighting Systems and Monash University to created patented lighting technologies to improve health, safety and productivity through better sleep. The CRC’s scientific work resulted in the MelaGen™ lighting innovation which resets a person’s body clock. The technology is being used in various settings including the neonatal ward at Adelaide’s Royal Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

CRA congratulates award winners

Cooperative Research Australia CEO Jane O’Dwyer congratulated the CRC award winners for their ground-breaking innovations and hugely successful industry collaborations. “The three CRA Excellence in Innovation recipients represent great examples of how industry, cooperative research centres funded by the Australian Government, and academic partners can work together to create brilliant innovations and technologies giving our country a significant competitive advantage in hugely competitive global markets,” she said. “The CRCs have also delivered more than commercial outcomes for participants – there has also been significant public good. More jobs created at UAP, a potential vaccine for gum disease, and circadian clock-tweaking technology which will help us sleep better, and stay safer at work by being more alert and focussed.” The Excellence in Innovation Awards were revealed at the first instalment (virtual) of CRA’s Collaborate Innovate conference, with an in-person event to take place at Parliament House in Canberra in March 2022. For details, see:

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