Can data science help fight terrorism? This China-based researcher team at Zhejiang University in eastern China .No one can predict ‘black swan’ incidents

No one can predict ‘black swan’ incidents, said team leader Andre Python, but analysis can help identify the most likely times and locations

Scientists led by a team at Zhejiang University in eastern China said they could help provide ‘interpretable and accurate predictions of terrorism’

A research team led by a China-based researcher has said machine learning algorithms can provide a predictive tool that will help fight terrorism.

The team, led by Andre Python from the data science centre at the Zheijiang University in Hangzhou, said their models can “produce interpretable and accurate predictions of terrorism . particularly in areas already experiencing relatively high levels of terrorism activity”.

“Several thousand people die every year worldwide because of terrorist attacks perpetrated by non-state actors,” the team, which also featured six researchers from four institutes in Britain and Germany, wrote in the study.

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By Arsalan Ahmad

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