Usually, It’s About Teasers Of New MG Cars, Most Of Which Just For Show. This Time, It’s Full-Fledged Launch Of Forland Buses In Pakistan.

By Samman Surraya

The owner of JW SEZ group, Javed Afridi, has been making headlines for the past couple of months. Usually, it’s about the teasers of new MG cars, most of which are just for the show. This time, it’s not another teaser but a full-fledged launch of Forland buses in Pakistan. Here are the details.

JW Forland

JW Forland is a joint venture between Pakistan’s JW SEZ Group and China’s Foton Motor Company. Foton has been ranked as China’s no.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer for over a decade. Forland is Foton’s core business of trucks and special purpose vehicles. JW Forland has been operating in Pakistan since 2018. Their vehicle line-up consists of multiple cargo trucks.

The company had plans of introducing Forland buses in Pakistan for a long time. They have had talks with different local transport companies, Daewoo, Faisal Movers, etc. Finally, JW Forland has brought 50 Forland luxury buses to Pakistan, 20 of which have already been delivered to Faisal Movers.

The buses have premium interior design and the latest technology. The cabins are beautiful and luxurious. We can bet that these high-end buses will put other companies, Daewoo, Hino, and others, in a pickle.

This news was originally published at Pak Wheels.