Telenor Pakistan wins five awards at Cannes

Telenor Pakistan places the country under the spotlight at the largest and most prestigious awards festival for creative excellence the world over – The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2021.

Telenor Pakistan wins five awards at Cannes

The annual 5-day event is recognised as the global benchmark for brands, organisations, and marketing agencies when it comes to innovative and impactful communication. And this year for the first time Pakistan has won, not one but FIVE awards for Telenor Pakistan’s Digital Birth Registration – ‘Naming the Invisible’, in the following categories:

  1. Grand Prix (Mobile)
  2. Grand Prix (Media)
  3. Gold Lion (sustainable development)
  4. Silver Lion (Mobile)
  5. Silver Lion (Direct)

The global recognition for Telenor’s Digital Birth Initiative has highlighted Pakistan’s efforts in tackling monumental social and administrative challenges. This prestigious recognition places the country’s talent and penchant for innovation on the global map.

By winning 2 Grand Prix, 1 Gold and 2 Silver awards against the best in the world, Telenor Pakistan alongside their communication partner Ogilvy Pakistan has proven the abilities of Pakistani brands and talent at the global stage.

With this win, Telenor has paved the way for other brands and organisations to take on challenges that are holding Pakistan back and manifest a more inclusive and sustainable future for the country.

Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan commented, “Empowering societies through the power of technology and innovation is at the heart of Telenor Pakistan’s DNA and the Digital Birth Registration initiative is a testament of our commitment to this.

In collaboration with UNICEF and the government of Pakistan we came up with an innovative digital solution to an age-old social & administrative problem; lack of birth registration & documentation.

This is a testament to how brands with purpose can create a meaningful impact in the society by empowering people with their identity, while leveraging technology & partnerships for sustainable development. And Telenor Pakistan is doing so by creating digital identities for more than 1.3 million children of Pakistan, and counting!”

Telenor Pakistan is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring a future where every Pakistani is empowered to live out to their full potential through its services, products and contributions to society.

The Digital Birth Registration is one of its several innovative initiatives aimed at uplifting the lives of Pakistanis in areas such as agriculture, education and digital rights.