Fiber optic network proves to be one of the best solutions for fast and reliable internet in Pakistan.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

Now that the world is moving towards digitization, we cannot think of internet and economic growth as two unlikeable things. Internet and computing are the future, and everyone knows it. Digitization includes cloud storage, online solutions, IoT and all of these are connected to the internet. How are we going to store our data if we do not know about cloud storage? We are currently in a network that connects everyone around the globe on a single platform.

Pakistan is observed at a slow pace when it comes to the digital race. But the internet network has been expanding speedily across the country. One of the major companies that played a vital role is StormFiber. The StormFiber network existed only in 10 major cities of Pakistan. Now the company has extended their fiber optic services to the cities of Bahawalpur, Sahiwal, and some parts of Islamabad.

Government’s mission to digitize Pakistan cannot be done on its own. It needs public private partnerships and efforts done not only by the government but also by private firms.

Users cannot rely on broadband connections which is one of the reason Pakistan leading internet service provider also launched its FTTH service 3 years ago. StormFiber enables its customers to enjoy the ultra-fast internet with the least disruption. This expansion of services in other cities is to meet the high demands of internet connections for day-to-day functions such as online learning, streaming, and e-commerce.


Now the question arises why choose Bahawalpur and Sialkot, and why the capital was left behind. Bahawalpur and Sialkot are Known for their vast agricultural significance and rich historical culture. There is still much to explore in these cities. They are also known as a hub for emerging talents and entrepreneurs. Sahiwal is the contributor to a large percentage of textile and cotton production whereas Bahawalpur is rich in historical sights and landmarks. Launch of optic fiber services in such cities can boost the economy of the country and contribute to socio-economic developments. The capital was mainly neglected by the company as another FTTP service provider, Nayatel, has a vast network that is spread throughout Islamabad.

Managing director StormFiber, Mr. Fawad Yousuf Laher, commented, “About a decade ago, the realization and the motivation to provide the people of Pakistan with high-speed internet set us on a journey to ensure empowerment in our country through robust internet services which are essential for intellectual, social, and economic development,”

StormFiber is a 100% Pakistani brand which means that it has a major stake in contributing to the country’s economy while increasing the employment rate.

FTTH is a fuel to the country’s economic engine and allows users to experience high speed internet. It can play a major role in accomplishing Pakistan’s mission in digitizing the country.