Is OnePlus Going to Ditch Snapdragon?

OnePlus plans to release another high-end phone on a budget which will be having MediaTek instead of Snapdragon processor.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

OnePlus has been in the highlight for quite a few years. Mainly, this is because of their flagship phones on a budget. The features that are provided by OnePlus in their phones costs much lesser than its competitors. The company’s latest flagship OnePlus 9 Pro has given a tough time to its competitors in the market and if the company stays to impress mass audience, it can definitely secure its position in top 10 smartphone brands under flagship category. Currently all of OnePlus phones are based on Qualcomm chipsets but according to some leaks the company might be ditching Snapdragon and move to MediaTek.

The move might be risky but focusing on MediaTek’s latest hardware and technology, fans wont be annoyed at all. Nothing has been confirmed but recent leaks claim that the company has been working on a new high-end handset. This could be the OnePlus Nord 2 or the Nord CE 5G. The leaks were reported by an Indian tipster Mukul Sharma and another tipster Digital Chat Station who has earned quite a name in the smartphone industry. The rumors says that OnePlus latest phone will be coming with a Dimensity 1200 SoC and a high refresh rate.

High refresh rates are most likely a trend the industry followed in 2020 and it still continues. But companies like OnePlus shifting its high-end devices to MediaTek processors is something new that everyone is anxious for.

MediaTek is more prominent among mid and low range phones whereas Qualcomm has dominance over the high-end phones. Both the technologies are very powerful and efficient but MediaTek has an edge over the price. The price to performance ratio of MediaTek phones is much better than those having Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. Price could mainly be the reason why OnePlus is shifting to MediaTek SoC as they are known for providing its users with flagship specifications on a budget.


The only downsize of MediaTek is its battery consumption and heating issues. Smartphone brands using their chips tend to use bigger batteries, so their users will not be facing any problems. And the heating issues also seems to be solved as the company moves to a newer and better technology for its chipsets.

Leaks stated that the company will be releasing this phone in mid-June. What else can we expect from OnePlus and other smartphone brands no one knows.

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