New Samsung Flip Offers Diagonally 75 Inches And It’s About Bridging Size Gap In Brand’s Catalog That Includes Other 85, 65 And 55 Inches.

By Martin Woolridge

Samsung Foot New model for her group of Interactive screens Samsung Flip is definitely one of the greatest alternatives to Microsoft Surface Hubs and like them is intended for collaborative work environments and the education sector. The New Samsung Flip Offers Diagonally 75 Inches And It’s About Bridging The Size Gap In The Brand’s Catalog That Includes The Other 85, 65 And 55 Inches. In addition to newer size, the new model includes improvements in security protocols, in a pen-to-paper writing mode and extends communication and connected users at the same time.

“As we begin to return to the world, we still rely on technology, so it is more important than ever that our collaborative technology solutions continue to support us, whether at home or in the office. ”Drew Rogers, Samsung UK’s senior product manager, explains. “At Samsung, we continue to innovate with use in mind, and the new Samsung Interactive Flip 75 is a perfect example of this, with features focused on the needs of our partners and users in this new and ever-changing world.”.

Samsung maintains the impressive picture quality of the series with Native 4K HDR (3840 x 2160 pixels) and multi-touch technology with 2048 hotspots and reduced latency to 34ms. It has its own internal hardware where the RAM has been improved by 20% and the storage capacity has doubled compared to previous versions. This interactive whiteboard is conveniently hung on the wall for writing and drawing on the screen, allowing upto 20 users to work simultaneously by syncing their personal devices to share content in real time. Additionally, a new educational on-screen toolkit with a digital ruler and protractor will be available on the Flip 75.

Samsung understands that in the midst of digital transformation, security is of prime importance and this release Improves security To ensure confidential information or confidential documents remain in the right hand. With robust 6-digit locking system, every admin can protect sensitive presentations, lock screen, and remove important content from presentation. The full range of Samsung Flip products offers Various connection options For increased versatility, including USB, HDMI, Display Port and NFC. Plus, multi-device screen sharing is available for all platforms, including Mac, iOS, Chromebook, Windows, and Android. This is a very interesting interactive whiteboard intended for educational or collaborative work environments.

This news was originally published at The Daily Guardian.