Chairman PTA Major General (R) Amir AzeemBajwa Message on World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 17 May, 2021.

Chairman PTA Major General (R) Amir AzeemBajwa has said in his message that World Telecommunication & Information Society (WTIS) Day is celebrated on May 17 and theme for this year – “Accelerating Digital Transformation in challenging times” holds special significance for the world and Pakistan.

Chairman PTA Major General (R) Amir AzeemBajwa Message on World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 17 May, 2021.

Chairman PTA Message On World Telecommunication & Information Society (WTIS) Day : Digital transformation is opening up the doors of opportunities to increase economic growth, reduce inequality and promote financial inclusion.

Regarding this year’s theme, I feel happy to mention that PTA has been making utmost efforts along with other stakeholders and the telecom industry to increase availability of quality digital services across the sectors during the pandemic.

PTA is continuously pursuing the govt’s goal of uplifting all segments of the society through modern day Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Pakistan’s telecom sector has become a role model for other sectors in reshaping the economic destiny of the people and for continued support towards digital transformation of Pakistan, as envisioned by country’s leadership.

The pace of digital transformation has been accelerated with COVID-19. As the World adjusts to the new-normal, the focus of the telecom sector has also shifted from accessibility and availability to resilience, continuity, quality and affordability.

Accordingly, regulators across the globe are revisiting their regulatory approaches while working hand-in-hand with international tele communities and health organizations to ensure safe, secure, reliable, fast, affordable and modern telecom services.                           

For this purpose, PTA is emphasizing on the growth, usage penetration and quality of broadband services to every nook and corner of the country. There are now over 100 million broadband subscribers in Pakistan with total teledensity at 85%, over 181 million mobile subscribers and 2.4 million fixed-line subscribers. 88% of Pakistan has access to internet/broadband services at one of the lowest rates in the region.

Also, PTA is committed to continue its efforts to maintain support for consumers & businesses, and to ensure that networks remain resilient and quality telecommunication services are available to all, especially in this difficult time. PTA remains at the forefront of the digital revolution to facilitate and regulate the telecom and ICT infrastructure.