Projects Injected Strong Impetus Into Economic Development Of Pakistan. Meanwhile, POWERCHINA Not Forgotten To Fulfil Social Responsibility.

Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) is a global leader in clean and low carbon energy, water resources, and environmental construction. Today it is the backbone of global infrastructure interconnection, and is a leading enterprise serving “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” evolving architecture.

As one of the central enterprises involved in constructing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, POWERCHINA has started its footprints in the Pakistani market as early as 1987 effectively utilizing its unique advantages of being proficient in water and electricity, professionalism in planning and design and speed in construction. Its linkages to bring investment and operational management helped. Making use of its strengths it actively participated in the Pakistan market as an energy, power, and infrastructure project investor and developer.

POWERCHINA has so far completed 45 projects in Pakistan with a total contract value of $6 billion and is working on another 43 with a total contract value of about $6.4 billion. These projects include water, power, infrastructure, and other forms of participation into Pakistani economy including general contracting, subcontracting, operation, and maintenance. These Projects Have Injected A Strong Impetus Into The Economic Development Of Pakistan. Meanwhile, POWERCHINA Has Not Forgotten To Fulfil The Social Responsibility of overseas enterprises and is playing a positive role in the local communities as per the “Go Global” strategy of the Chinese enterprises.

It thus adheres to the concept of “achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration” and has actively built a shared community between China and Pakistan. It is committed to working with the local government and partners to form good cooperation and a win-win situation. And it has repeatedly received high praise from successive governments, sectors of the society, and people of Pakistan.

Pakistan: Port Qasim coal-fired power plant (the ‘Port Qasim power plant’) is the largest overseas investment project of POWERCHINA and is among the first batch of implementation projects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), while also the first large-scale power project. It was called “No.1 Project” of Pakistan by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan. On April 25, 2018, this project entered commercial operation 67 days ahead of schedule. With legendary “China speed”, POWERCHINA brought the performance, ability, and strength of Chinese enterprises to Pakistan.

At present, the Port Qasim power plant is an environmentally friendly power plant with the largest power generation, the highest load rate, and the lowest electricity price in Pakistan. It has made important contributions in alleviating the power shortage, reducing electricity prices, adjusting energy structure and promoting economic and social development and has set a good example for CPEC.

Green development and environmental protection

POWERCHINA adheres to the concept of “scientific and green development”. Port Qasim power plant thus adopts advanced environmental protection technology, and its emission indicators are significantly better than the environmental protection standards adopted by Pakistan and the World Bank. Water for production and living comes from seawater desalination, which saves more than 7.5 million tons of valuable freshwater resources for the local area. While providing power and energy for Pakistan, “Zero” industrial wastewater is discharged, and 125 acres of mangroves are transplanted, which protects the local marine ecosystem and the local ecological environment.

 Ensure power supply and promote economic development

Port Qasim power plant’s annual production accounts for about 8 percent of the total power supply of the Pakistan National Grid. As of March 2021, the accumulated power generation has exceeded 27 billion kWh. During the pandemic of 2020, the annual power generation rose against the trend, reaching a new annual record of 8.894 billion kWh, making an important contribution to Pakistan’s economic recovery and stable development under the epidemic’s impact. The low-price electricity has significantly reduced the power purchase cost and end-consumer tariff providing real benefits to the people of Pakistan.

Share advanced technology and assist infrastructure construction

Port Qasim power plant has actively established good contacts with local enterprises in engineering, subcontracting, sharing advanced engineering technology and management concepts. Additionally, it has donated funds, equipment, and Chinese technology and schemes to the Pakistan National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC), fully supporting infrastructure construction and promoting the overall industry levels.

Job opportunities, training, and skill development for local talents

Port Qasim power plant insists on the management of “localization”; it continuously increases the recruitment of Pakistani employees and promotes the plan of training local talents. At present, it provides more than 600 jobs for the local people, conducts “Public Open Days”, and provides internship opportunities for local college students. During the pandemic of 2020, many online Job fairs have been carried out, which have effectively promoted local employment. A sophisticated training system has been set up for the Pakistani employees, and a “tutor leading apprentice” system has been established, with a 100% training rate.

More than 150 Pakistani college students were recruited, 100 of whom are eligible for free theoretical knowledge and practical operation training in the power plants in China. At present, most of the Pakistani employees have grown into professionals in the field of thermal power, undertaking important positions in the production, operation, maintenance, and middle-level management.

POWERCHINA fights pandemic along with Pakistan

Multiple batches of epidemic prevention materials and funds were donated to Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and other institutions to fight the pandemic. This significantly alleviated medical supply shortages in Pakistan. POWERCHINA actively helped funds to the Sindh government to help flood victims and organized donations to help Pakistan fight against the ‘locust disaster.’ It has also donated to build local primary schools and hire teachers. Meanwhile, it has carried out many “Public Open Days” inviting teachers and students from Karachi University and NED University of Engineering and Technology to visit the power plant to promote the cultivation of college students’ professional skills.

Respect local customs and pay attention to humanistic concern

POWERCHINA respects local customs and religious beliefs and has established prayer rooms, canteens, and dormitories for Pakistani employees. During the local traditional festivals, we actively carry out condolence activities for Pakistani employees. During the traditional Chinese festivals, Pakistani staff are invited to participate, such as the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, among other activities, to improve their recognition and belonging. In the early outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, employees’ health and life safety were ensured by compiling and printing of epidemic prevention manuals in different languages, by imparting epidemic prevention training, and providing psychological counselling.

Building a communication platform to promote cultural integration

POWERCHINA maintains official Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts in Pakistan to interact effectively with public. These social media accounts also tell its stories and of the Chinese enterprises worldwide. For instance the press conference of “The first anniversary of power generation and 10 billion kilowatt-hours of power generation” and the release ceremony of the sustainable development report of POWERCHINA in Pakistan were organized.

Similarly, China-Pakistan think tank forum, and several other activities happened. Pakistani government officials, Chinese embassy and Consulates in Pakistan, mainstream media, and relevant industry associations of Pakistan actively participated in these events. Their reports played an important role in promoting cultural exchanges and friendship between China and Pakistan. What is more, PowerChina also provides a diversified platform for local people to understand Chinese culture.

This news was originally published at Global Village Space.