Blackmagic Design has released their schedule for their certified online training sessions for advanced video editing.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

DaVinci Resolve is a creativity software that is used for non-linear video editing and color correction. It was designed by da Vinci Systems and later acquired by Blackmagic Design in 2009. The same company which owns a lineup of cinema cameras and accessories. The application comes with a commercial version known as DaVinci Resolve Studio as well as a free version with some slightly downgraded functionality called the DaVinci Resolve.

For aspiring film makers and editors, Blackmagic Design has released their schedule for online training of their DaVinci Resolve 17. The schedule is comprehensive, covering each topic related to the functionality of their software in detail. Moreover, the digital camera company is also arranging online one day workshops covering specialized workflows. All these classes are Blackmagic Design certified which means that whoever attends these classes will be able to know everything about the DaVinci Resolve certification exam.

Each title is a five day, four hours per day, certification class in which students will be given multiple projects to work with. All the sessions will be free of cost. They will be able to learn advanced, practical techniques used in several editing genres. DaVinci Resolve is popular for its color grading functionality which will be taught briefly in the online training sessions. The sessions will cover every topic from advanced video editing, color grading, audio post to adding the right effects to your project.

Details of the DaVinci Resolve 17 is provided as:

Editing with DaVinci Resolve 17 Certification class

-Basic editing techniques
-Powerful features in Resolve’s Media page
-Advanced editing techniques and trimming styles
-Multicamera editing
-DaVinci Resolve Speed editor with the Cut Page.
-Motion graphics and visual effects
-Sound editing, design, and mixing workflow
-Smart Reframe tool

Color Grading with DaVInci Resolve 17 certification class

– Interface review
– Balancing footage
– Creating color continuity
– Creating & Enhancing isolated areas
– Conforming an XML timeline
– Mastering the node pipeline
– Managing grades across clips and timelines
– Using groups
– Adjusting image properties
– Setting up RAW projects
– Delivering projects
– Setting up and using a BMD mini panel


Fairlight Audio Post with DaVinci Resolve 17 Certification class

– Building a soundtrack
– Recording voice-over and ADR
– Working with audio track layers
– Preparing multichannel clips for dialogue editing
– Editing dialogue tracks
– Repairing and replacing unwanted sounds
– Advanced dialogue repair
– Enhancing the soundtrack with sound design
– Creating sound effects
– Pre-mixing levels and panning tracks
– Sweetening the mix
– Simplifying the mix with buses
– Mixing with automation
– Finishing and delivering tracks
– The power of Dolby Atmos


Fusion Effects with DaVinci Resolve 17 Certification class

– QuickStart: Learning the Fusion page
– Compositing split screen
– Replacing a sky
– Replacing signs and screens
– Compositing green screen content
– The Art of the credit roll
– Creating title templates
– Animating keyframes and modifiers
– Setting up a 3D scene
– Designing 3D Broadcast Graphics
– Exploring 3D particle systems
– 3D camera tracking

After attending all these sessions participants will be welcomed to take the online certification exam and become a Blackmagic Design Certified Editor.

Check this link for more information:

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