Pakistan In General And Balochistan In Particular Must Be Aware Of Needs Of Students Which Are Still Deprived Of Internet For Online-Learning.

Being physically present in the classroom is not now the only way of learning. Classical form of learning takes place in classrooms where a teacher or tutor directly communicates with the students in order to transfer knowledge by her/his physical presence in the classroom. Whereas the online learning through “virtual learning”, or e learning is increasing more rapidly and providing more effective and appealing educational experience than the conventional classroom approach.

In educational platforms, the online learning implies distance between students and teachers. Whereas the lectures, assignments and tests all have been enabled by virtual learning. Online learning means that you will learn through wide distance and independent of location. You will not have to travel at all for your studies to get a particular degree. There are many educational learning institutions which are providing online degree courses in the world. Online learning helps students to interact with their teachers through internet or other various electronic means. As a result online learning has been rising up in all over the world, which enables the teachers and students to set their own leaning paces. This leaning provides opportunities to both the students and teachers to make the schedule of leaning by adding more flexibility.

Basically, online learning through e-learning refers to the learning that is conducted through electronic tools that contains electronic materials to transfer information and connect two or more groups of people with one another. Online learning is a way to convey all these information and communication to humans. Online learning is the complete incorporation of ICT resources and modern telecommunication equipment, especially the Internet, into the education system.

Even in this scenario, the COVID-19 has shut all the learning institutions. Due to rising of COVID-19 the rate of interaction and social distancing is increasing rapidly. Around billion children are out of classroom in all over the world. Government and private learning institutions have been forced to continue their academic sessions during this scenario. As a result the access to quality education has been rising in all over the world through virtual or online learning.

New advancement in technology has brought new forms of learning and has completely shifted the learning process from human tutoring to online tutoring, where teacher and learners participate from separate geographical locations. Many higher educational institutions and universities in Balochistan are offering online learning system for different levels and disciplines. The adoption of virtual learning has opened multiple gateways and opportunities, thus increasing the pace of development in Baluchistan. Online learning is the solution to acquire basic and higher education in-spite of excusing for living in remote areas. The educational programs and institutions in Balochistan are being seen as developing the learning process through interaction in digital form based on internet services.

However, students of Balochistan are facing various obstacles regarding online learning facilities owing to cellular network and internet facilities. Especially in Balochistan, most of the population from remote areas are facing obstacles to reach to the basic and higher education due to absence of educational facilities and proper infrastructure of schools and colleges and their physical environment. Unfortunately, students in Balochistan have yet no any complete access to virtual learning. They cannot afford to buy devices that facilitate them for online learning. In Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, the gravity of the problem can be realized from the fact that most of the students from rural schools and colleges do not even know how to operate computers and use internet. Even many schools, colleges and universities in this province are not providing students with computer and internet facilities which deprive them from an effective learning. On June 23rd 2020, the students of Balochistan raised their voices and recorded their protest in Quetta for free internet facilities in all districts of Balochistan.

Online leaning is the best solution for providing educational services and can solve many problems associated with education and save precious time of young generation. Online learning will be the key solution to remove barriers for basic education as well as higher education. Education system has been somewhat replaced with e learning where learning can take place more accurately in less time. Therefore, Government and ministry of Balochistan should restore internet services in the province along with the rural areas of Balochistan. Finally, The Attention Of The Ministry Of Education Pakistan In General And Balochistan In Particular Must Be Aware Of The Needs Of Students Which Are Still Deprived Of Internet Services For Online-Learning Technology. Moreover, before deciding for online classes in upcoming days due to the increase of COVID-19 the government and ministry of education of Balochistan must look the ground realities of remote areas of Balochistan properly and restore online learning conveniences for each and every individual student.

By Shehnaz Bano

I am shehnaz bano, from balochistan (pakistan). i am in the 8th semester of my final year of b.ed honours at SBK university. i am interested in teaching field.............