Chinese Scientist Going To Donate Around 1,000 Lightning Resistant Umbrellas To Pakistan To Contribute To The Festivities.

A Renowned Chinese Scientist Is Going To Donate Around 1,000 Lightning Resistant Umbrellas To Pakistan To Contribute To The Festivities To Commemorate The 70th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of Diplomatic Relations Between Pakistan And China. Li Chen Zhong, President of Shandong Chenzhong Gas Thunder Lightning Protection Technology Co Ltd has invented the umbrella to protect golfers, boaters, and other outdoor groups of people from the danger of electrocution by lightning strike.

Pakistan and China are all-weather friends and strategic cooperative partners and both countries are celebrating seven decades of establishment of their diplomatic relations. “I intend to hand over 1,000 lightning resistant umbrella to Pakistani authorities as gift to add more colours in these celebrations,” he told APP. This year marks the anniversary of 70 years of Pak-China diplomatic relations, which was established on 21st May 1951. Both countries have organized a series of events since the beginning of the year, to commemorate this historic milestone in a befitting manner.

Li Chen Zhong said this invention aims to provide a compact, portable, quickly-deployed shield to people from lightning strikes caused by sudden electrical storms. From an unpretentious working person to a scientist who has attracted the attention of the world, Li Chen Zhong has so far won several awards for research work. For many years, Li Chen Zhong has worked tirelessly on the front line of scientific research to develop products. For 20 years, he has selflessly dedicated his wisdom and sincerity to his motherland and the world.

From the son of an unknown peasant to the world-renowned scientific master, Li Chen Zhong’s life experience determines his vision and magnanimity. In order to protect people’s lives and property from being infringed, he spared no efforts and worked very hard to make this amazing product to protect people from the danger of lightning and thunder. It may be mentioned here that Pakistan and China have planned more than 100 activities to commemorate the 70 years of long friendship of mutual trust, understanding and respect. The events included exchanges of high-level delegations, cultural exhibitions, photography exhibitions, fashion events, and publication of books.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point.