New Huawei laptops coming to South Africa in 2021

Huawei South Africa about the company’s strategy for 2021 and the success of its MateBook (Huawei laptops) launch in the country last year.

New Huawei laptops coming to South Africa in 2021

By Jamie McKane

Huawei is set to launch more of its MateBook laptops in South Africa in the near future.

This follows the major success of its recently-launched MateBook lineup in the country.

Shortly after the launch of MateBook products in South Africa, Huawei became the number 1 PC brand in its respective channels.

This was a significant success for the company, which offers products across a variety of categories and has seen great success in the local smartphone market.

Huawei expects this growth to continue and, informed by the success of its relatively tentative laptop roll-out, plans to launch more notebooks and laptop-related devices in South Africa going forward.

More new laptops on the way

MyBroadband spoke to Huawei South Africa about the company’s strategy for 2021 and the success of its MateBook launch in the country last year.

“We launched the products in limited quantities, and it just blew up and was highly successful,” Huawei said.

“This has given us confidence that this model works and that customers are really enjoying Huawei PCs.”

“You can expect more of them and perhaps the product portfolio expanding as well in terms of different models and price ranges, all over the course of this year and beyond,” it added.

Huawei laptops currently available in South Africa include the high-end MateBook X Pro, which is set to compete with devices like Apple’s MacBooks, as well as the MateBook D 15 and D14.

These laptops have proven popular choices among South Africans due to their relatively cheap prices and impressive specifications, and Huawei said the adoption of these products reaffirms the high regard South Africans hold the Huawei brand in.

Taking on the PC market

Huawei said it aims to differentiate itself in the PC market in a number of ways.

Primarily, the company’s strategy is to provide greater value and integration with other products like smartphones and IoT hardware.

This is accomplished by launching a wide and compatible ecosystem of tech products across various categories as well as the software and background integration to support high levels of connectivity between products.

A major distinction between Huawei and other manufacturers that strive for a tightly-connected ecosystem like Apple is that Huawei plans for its system to be open to devices from other manufacturers.

Compatibility across smartphone, laptop, camera, car, and other device brands is a key component of the system Huawei is trying to build.

“We are looking to position Huawei as a sustainable consumer electronics and technology leader,” Huawei said.

“The idea is to expand the ecosystem and make it more accessible, irrespective of what device you are using.”

Originally published at My broadband