Waqar Zaka, Fighter For Illegalizing Crypto In Pak, Started Cryptocurrency Online Academy That Simplifies These Concepts For Average Person.

In an era where technology is progressing at a faster pace than ever, emergence of new innovative ideas opens up an array of opportunities, along with a massive potential for growth in directions that were previously reckoned impossible. Simultaneously, there is also confusion and doubt about those possibilities, and an understanding as to how they function.

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one such concept that can be quite intriguing. Myriad risks, benefits and misconceptions regarding cryptocurrencies exist in the market. Hence, a plethora of questions such as, how to manage your wallet, when, what, how much to purchase or sell, and how to cope up with the risks are the most common concerns of crypto fledglings. Some financiers are primarily captivated in purchasing cryptocurrencies and saving them for their future potential growth. Others may want to become more of an active investor and buy or sell cryptocurrencies more regularly to maximise profit and revenue.

Regardless of what approach you want to take, you must have a plan and a strategy. Most importantly, you require assistance of an experienced professional who can guide you through this step-by-step process, so that you can turn your far-fetched dreams into reality.

Worry not; there is a simple way in finding answers to these questions and so much more. Waqar Zaka, The Renowned TV Host Of Reality Show ‘Living On The Edge’, Social Media Influencer, Solo Fighter For Legalising Crypto In Pakistan, And An Expert In Crypto Industry, Has Started A Cryptocurrency Online Academy That Simplifies These Concepts For The Average Person.

No special skills or qualifications are required and the best part is that you simply can get started today. Yes, you heard that right! You can join from anywhere in the world and learn from the ground up. If you are at a loss when it comes to understanding bitcoin and how to earn from crypto currencies, merely join Waqar Zaka’s online teaching course on Facebook by following the instructions here.

Waqar Zaka, the prominent social activist has always stressed on the relevance of cryptocurrency. To fulfil his bitcoin vision, after years of struggle, the long-time crypto entrepreneur efficaciously convinced KPK government for allowing him to run South Asia’s biggest crypto mining farm, having a hash rate of 6.7 GH/s (Giga hashes per second).

Recognising the significance of hydroelectricity, Waqar Zaka ensured the mining system runs on hydropower. Additionally, he suggested Shangla in KPK to be having the best weather conditions for crypto mining, which in eventuality can become heaven for crypto miners. To check out the full-fledged details in regards to the crypto mining farm and it’s daily earnings, visit here.

Concurrently, Waqar Zaka has been pushing the Government of Pakistan’s to launch it’s own crypto currency before India or China, as he is confident that Pakistan can earn lucrative revenue from this booming crypto market. To achieve this promising goal, in 2018, he launched Pakistan’s first blockchain-powered global micro-finance platform TenUp.I.O which is available on Coinmarketcap. Listing on Binance in May, 2021.

Likewise, Waqar Zaka graciously offered TenUp.I.O team’s assistance to the Government of Pakistan with a sole purpose, that the idea of making Pakistan a crypto hub turns into actuality in no time. The crypto maven believes his groundbreaking venture will be a game changer for the nation, driving Pakistan to new heights of success.

Waqar Zaka has gained immense respect in the crypto space. He has also been invited as a speaker in leading cryptocurrency conferences globally where he was acknowledged for his charity work. Commenced in 2015, his charity projects comprise of using bitcoin to help make refugees’ lives better. Appreciated for his unprecedented efforts, the crypto guru surely has made Pakistan proud at an international level.

Equally, he also fought in court without a lawyer until he was able to obtain clarity that the State Bank had never declared cryptocurrency as illegal. Post the verdict in no time subsequently, Waqar Zaka successfully launched his online academy; enabling crypto enthusiasts and newbies to master the trades of cryptocurrency

Many eager participants in Pakistan and abroad have signed up for this exceptional online academy in order to find out what the commotion is all about. Similar to trading stocks, dealing with cryptocurrencies requires ample patience and time to master. Waqar Zaka, the crypto enthusiast guides the participants on how to enter in the world of NFT (non-fungible token) to DeFi (decentralised finance), how to avoid common mistakes and lastly, how to work towards their short/long-term goals. Mr Zaka’s technological endeavour is garnering innumerable reviews, and success stories emerging from this incredible venture are truly taking the internet by storm.

Waqar Zaka with his technology movement has become Pakistan’s first crypto entrepreneur and tech activist who indeed has taken the initiative in a field which is relatively new and still in its infancy. There are some go getters who will get on the bandwagon early and take advantage of this new innovative concept, whereas there are others who will stand by the side-lines observing the movement. Which side are you on?

This news was originally published at Tribune.