Almost every Pakistani who have social media as part of their lives know about the founder of JDC Foundation, Zafar Abbas. One of Pakistan’s most renowned NGO stepped into the spotlight in 2015 during the heat wave with temperatures as high as 49 °C. Since then, JDC Foundation has been working tirelessly for serving the humanity irrespective of color, cast, or religion.

By Sayyed Shehzer Abbas

Founder JDC Foundation, Zafar Abbas, is famous among the people of Pakistan for his videos circulating on the internet explaining problems faced by the citizens of the country. Recently, a video was circulated on JDC Facebook page about a kid who has developed a chat app and claims that it is better than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp works under one of the biggest companies of the world, Facebook, having an employee count of around 58,000 full-time employees. So, can we really think that a 15-year-old can develop something better than WhatsApp sitting in his room. At first, it sounds pretty fascinating that a Pakistani kid has developed an app better than WhatsApp but, the reality is that FF Meeting is a scam. The app isn’t developed by the kid but in fact he used a wrapper to bundle the freely available Telegram APIs to build a front end that actually uses Telegram at as a service. The app looks more like a re-skinned version of Telegram. Even the skin used on the app service is provided by a third-party app called “Appsgeyser”. The only thing that “FF Meeting” has on its own is the intro screen and Google ads that the app contains.


The kid claims that it took him 3 years to develop this app but if we look into the effort done on the app, it would have literally taken not more than an hour.  Blaming the kid won’t be the right thing but blaming those authorities who are spreading such false news needs to be brought in front of public. Being a humanitarian, these figures are in fact very important to the public and they need to check before publicizing anything in front of the mass audience on social media websites.