The County Council Is To Invest Millions Of Pounds Into Protecting Worcestershire’s Environment Following Approval Of County Council Budget.

By  Joseph Forte

The County Council Is To Invest Millions Of Pounds Into Protecting Worcestershire’s Environment Following The Approval Of The County Council Budget For The Next Financial Year. The council has recently signed the Woodland Trust Tree Charter. A total of 150,000 new trees will be planted as new woodlands are created by the Council, in partnership with the Woodland Trust, in Bewdley and near Evesham over the next five years.

Following a year of lockdowns the council plans to improve access to Worcestershire’s countryside in the coming year. Councillor Tony Miller, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for the Environment, said: “Protecting the Environment is a key part of our Corporate Plan and has never been more important to us.

“All of our projects are now assessed through a Joint Impact Assessment. This allows us to look at the positive and negative impact each project would have on the Environment. I am really pleased that we are working with the Woodland Trust to create new woodlands for Worcestershire that will help to improve the environment in the coming years and well into the future.”

A total of £2.5 million will be spent on street lighting, including LED replacements. And £2.5 million will be allocated towards improving the Council’s current approach to flood mitigation, a £1.5 million increase on the funding in this area for the last financial year. A spokeswoman for the council said it is continuing its commitment to support flood defences in Bewdley and Tenbury Wells in aid of securing Environment Agency funding to seek long term solutions for the towns.

Certified Green energy is now being purchased for all the council’s electricity supplies, meaning that all electricity for WCC buildings and street lighting is from renewable energy sources. The Council will invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes on its own estate through further implementation of the £3million Energy Efficiency Spend to Save Fund.

Many of the aspects funded through the council’s budget in 2021/22 will support in the reduction of emissions, at both the council and county level, and set the council well on its way to reaching its net zero ambition.

This news was originally published at Worcester News.