Al Meezan Investments, One Of The Largest Asset Management Company In Pakistan Signed An Agreement With DirectFN Limited.

Al Meezan Investments, one of the largest Asset Management Company in Pakistan signed an agreement with DirectFN Limited to mark the acquisition of their services for implementation of a comprehensive Asset Management Core System.

DirectFN headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a globally acclaimed technology service provider for Asset Management Companies and Brokerages across various countries.The new core system is designed to provide customers of Al Meezan Investments a complete suite of services and solutions from one window.

The implementation of this robust system will allow Al Meezan to further improve and streamline both their internal and customer facing processes while reducing redundancies. The one window solution will further enhance the customer services and management capabilities of Al Meezan.

The system is capable of evaluating comprehensive data and generate reports internally ensuring enhanced information security and confidentiality of investor data.At the occasion of the signing ceremony Mr. Muhammad Shoaib, CFA, CEO Al Meezan Investments stated, “This initiative is part of our Digital Transformation Strategy.

As one of the leading Asset Management Company in Pakistan with a track record of over 26 years, we feel that it is vital for us to stay ahead of the curve by investing in digital infrastructure. The recent pandemic has reinforced our focus on digital strategy to be ready for the future.”

This news was originally published at The News.