The construction work on the world’s first space hotel will begin in 2025 and it will be equipped with a cinema, restaurants, spa, and rooms.

The construction work on the world’s first space hotel in low Earth orbit will begin in 2025. The space hotel will be equipped with a cinema, restaurants, spa, and rooms for up to 400 guests.

This innovative space station is developed by the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC). It will be known as the Voyager Station that could be operational as early as 2027. A robot named Structure Trust Assembly Robot (STAR) will build its frame in orbit once gravity-related testings are completed.

MailOnline reported that the space hotel’s shape would be a large circle that rotates to generate artificial gravity set to the similar gravity found on the Moon’s surface.

The Voyager Station is like the cruise ship in space, complete with amenities. It will also feature pods attached outside of the rotating ring wherein some of it could be sold to NASA and ESA for space research.

However, OAC has not yet revealed the price of staying in the space hotel in one night but assured that the building costs are now much cheaper due to the reusable launch vehicles like the Falcon of SpaceX and the future Starship.

Out-of-this-World Hotel

The Voyager Station is an out-of-this-world hotel that will be located in the low Earth orbit. Only a few years from now, this will become a reality as OAC starts its construction in 2025.

New York Post reported that guests will not only be paying for the novelty of the setting because the space hotel is also complete with onboard amenities.

These include themed restaurants, a health spa, cinema, a gym, libraries, concert venues, viewing lounges to watch the Earth, bars, and rooms for 400 people. Of course, like cruise ships, it also has crew quarters, water, air, and power.

Moreover, the company also said that portions of the Voyager Station space hotel could be sold to permanent stakeholders, like government agencies who look forward to using the space station as a training center, or perhaps landlords who are looking forward to creating a villa aboard the Voyager.

The space hotel is said to circle the globe every 90 minutes. Its rotation is expected to generate artificial gravity like that of the moon.

Next Industrial Revolution

Gateway Foundation’s founder John Blincow said that the space hotel will be the next industrial revolution. Gateway Foundation will run some of the pods of the Voyager Station.

Blincow admitted that some formalities are still needed to be addressed before the space hotel will be completed, Yahoo! reported. He is referring to the gravity within the space hotel.

The rotation of the space hotel is vital to produce gravity as people cannot live on a space station for a prolonged time without gravity.

“People need gravity so their bodies won’t fall apart,” Blincow explained. He noted that the experience of this space travel could help researchers understand how much gravity a human’s body needs.

Originally published at The Science Times