Pakistan Oxygen To Build Multi-Million Electrode Manufacturing Plant

Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL), one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial and medical gases has announced to set up an electrode manufacturing plant worth millions of rupees.

Pakistan Oxygen to build multi-million Electrode Manufacturing Plant

By Ali Ahmed 

“We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of Pakistan Oxygen Limited in its meeting held today (Monday) has approved an investment plan of about Rs. 417.5 million for setting up a new electrode manufacturing facility (the “Plant”) at Karachi.

The company informed that the plant would feature the latest European technology and is expected to commence production by early 2022.

The company added that it is already engaged in the manufacture of quality welding consumables and sale of welding machines and allied accessories.

“With the proposed expansion, the company’s capacity and capability in the welding and hardgoods segment will be enhanced to better meet the growing demand for quality electrodes in the country,” it said.

Back in November last year, the company approved an investment plan of about Rs. 6.3 billion to setup the latest and the most energy-efficient Air Separation Unit (the “Plant”) in its class,” it said.

The state-of-the-art plant will be sourced from Linde GmbH, Linde Engineering Pullach Germany, and will be capable of producing opt° 270 tons per day air separation (ASU) products. “The Plant is superior due to higher capacity, better Specific Power Consumption (SPC), product quality, reliability, and advanced control system,” said the company.

Originally published at Business recorder

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