Nubia Vice President Ni Fei Has Confirmed In A Weibo Post That Red Magic 6 Will Launch On 4 March 2, Will Be 7pm Local Time.

By Anyron Copeman

Chinese tech giant ZTE has undergone a number of expansions in recent years, as it seeks to appeal to even more consumers around the world. It began with the launch of the smartphone-focused Nubia sub-brand in 2015, which itself then added a dedicated Red Magic gaming arm in 2017.

In the four years since, we’ve seen seven new gaming phones launch, the latest of which being August’s Red Magic 5S. Recent generations have offered class-leading specs, including the latest Snapdragon chipset, advanced cooling technology and the joint-highest refresh rate of any phone.

The Red Magic 6 looks set to be the eighth entry in the series, and is set to launch in China this week. But will we get two phones from the same generation for the very first time? Here’s how to watch the launch event live and find out. 

What time is the Red Magic 6 launch

Nubia Vice President Ni Fei Has Confirmed In A Weibo Post That The Red Magic 6 Will Launch On 4 March 2021. More Specifically, This Will Be 7pm Local Time – that’s 11am in the UK.

Where to watch the Red Magic 6 launch

However, it’s not entirely clear where you can watch the launch from the UK. There’s a chance it will be streamed to the Red Magic YouTube channel, although that’s not always been the case for previous phones in the series. The Red Magic Twitter page is also a potential candidate. Given the volume of leaks there, it may be available to watch from Nubia’s official Weibo page, too. We’ll update this section as soon as we know more.

Will the Red Magic 6 be coming to the UK?

Most likely. Nubia usually releases the new Red Magic phone in its native China before expanding into Western markets, and we don’t expect that to be any different this time around. The good news is that it usually doesn’t take long – the Red Magic 5S saw a global launch just a few weeks after the initial unveiling.

What to expect from the Red Magic 6

The Red Magic line has always been about providing the absolute best smartphone gaming experience possible, and the Red Magic 6 looks set to take this to the next level. Having been posted by Nubia Vice President Ni Fei on Weibo, we can be very confident that these features will make it into the phone.

The big one is screen refresh rate, with Fei suggesting the that it will become the first smartphone to exceed 144Hz. It’s not clear how high Nubia will go, but there’s been a suggestion it could be 165Hz. However, this could be exclusive to a new ‘Pro’ model that’s been rumoured.

Other key expected specs include Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 chipset, 120W wired charging (potentially just for the 6 Pro) and a new and improved cooling system. We think it’s unlikely that the phone will be able to float in mid-air though, as a recent teaser appears to suggest. Read more in our full guide to the Red Magic 6.

This news was originally published at Tech Advisor.