Sindh to terminate health workers for refusing Covid-19 vaccine

Sindh Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho on Wednesday alarmed health workers of termination if they refuse to get themselves vaccinated against novel Covid.

Sindh to terminate health workers for refusing Covid-19 vaccine

Dr. Azra while presiding over a meeting said we have started the process of Covid-19 vaccination in Sindh where all healthcare workers are being registered for the vaccination. All those healthcare workers who do not take part in the process of vaccination and get themselves vaccinated would be sacked, she added.

The provincial health minister further emphasised that healthcare workers not willing to receive the Covid jab will get show-causes notices and won’t be allowed to continue their job as they could potentially cause the spread.

Earlier, a number of health workers were showing unwillingness to get vaccinated, particularly after a drop in the second wave in the country.

Sindh health department has also announced the health risk allowance who would get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Earlier, Pakistan launched its coronavirus vaccination program, with health care staff the first to receive shots of the Sinopharm vaccine gifted by China.

Originally published at Daily Pakistan