Information Technology (IT) Is The Study Of Understanding Concepts, Theories, And Applications Of Computer-Based Information Systems.

Each year, fresh college and high school graduates clamor for jobs. Job hunting has always been a challenge because companies rarely accept individuals with minimal to no experience. In job postings, you will usually see something that says, ‘Need someone for position X and must have no fewer than three years of experience.’ This is why a lot of new graduates feel discouraged when hunting for a job.

A common piece of advice online is to build your portfolio to show your employers something. This can also difficult to do because you may have learned a lot during your time in school. However, there’s a significant difference between having theoretical knowledge and learning to apply that knowledge into practical skills—you need to be working in the field to do that.

In the case of information technology graduates, however, the situation is quite the opposite. Because they are in high demand, even individuals who have just graduated from university are qualified for a job in many places.

What is information technology?

Information Technology (IT) Is The Study Of Understanding Concepts, Theories, And Applications Of Computer-Based Information Systems. In simple terms, people in the tech industry make sure that computers are working well for people. Sure, it sounds basic, but it’s much more complicated than you think.

Aside from checking how computers work, information technologists also need to study all of the computer components. This includes learning different cloud computing applications, languages, commands, codes, and others. Without understanding how each of these components works, it would be impossible to get a computer up and running, and we would all be struggling with the basic command of turning it on or saving a document.

In reality, information technologists are the people we cling to for help, especially now as we are in the midst of a pandemic. People are all staying at home and thus working from home using laptops and desktop computers. Because of this, IT experts have had to find ways to upgrade the current systems to adapt to the sudden boom in online traffic. Supercomputers are also being upgraded with the latest technology to make room for high-traffic users like gamers. And, now that the number of vloggers is increasing daily, all hardware should be wired to adjust to the amount of data vloggers input to edit their videos for public consumption. If you haven’t realized this yet, information technology plays a massive part in our daily lives.

Top jobs in the IT industry

As mentioned earlier, information technologists are in high demand. Because of the vast number of ways that they can improve our current online system, there are also many jobs available on the market for them. Here are a few of the highest-paying jobs in the IT industry:

  •     Software developer starting at the lowest possible rate of $82,000

Software developers are in charge of identifying common problems of people utilizing computers. Once they identify the issue, they match it with software that will make the work easier for those involved—for example, an antivirus. Let’s say your computer has a virus because it has no built-in firewall system. A software developer will make an antivirus software you can purchase to protect your computer in the future. This way, you won’t have to worry about your hardware getting infected. Likewise, computers nowadays typically have built-in firewall systems.

  •     Data scientist at a median rate of $95,000

Despite the influx of individuals claiming their expertise in data science, their salary is still as high as it used to, and it is ever increasing. Data scientists are analytical experts who study trends found on the Internet. An example of this would be political trends, where these data scientists can predict how people’s behavior may allow a particular politician to win an upcoming election. Likewise, they use the data they gather to solve business issues and provide solutions. They study demographics and convert this into usable solutions to improve a company’s performance in their chosen industry. They use scientific methods, algorithms, and programs to ensure that the data they gather is factual and reliable.

  •     IT manager with a median salary of $146,360

While IT managers can do many jobs related to the field, they are mostly seen in meeting rooms deep in discussion with company executives. Here, they discuss what a company should expect in the upcoming years regarding technological developments. With their knowledge, companies can make an advanced plan to prepare for future changes. When the time comes, and new gadgets and technology have come to life, companies can easily navigate and adjust what they currently have and adapt to the new ones in the market. The job of IT managers is crucial to a company’s development. They need to be continuously updated with the latest trends and updates. Likewise, they need to know what works best and what doesn’t. Without their guidance, a company will be blind and cannot take the proper road to development and success.

  •     Information security analyst with a median salary of $99,730

Information security analysts carry out security measures to protect vital company information. This is done by installing software and firewalls to protect the company from cyberattacks and hackers who would sell information to others, including competitors. They are the security guards in the online world. Security analysts are also tasked to be updated on current comings and goings in cybersecurity. There are yearly changes in cybersecurity, and the latest trends need to be studied to avoid future attacks. Just as developers are fighting to create better software to fight against hackers, the hackers, in return, are also trying to outsmart even the best information security analysts in the world.

  • Computer systems analyst with an average salary of $69,475

A computer systems analyst helps companies properly use and utilize computer technologies. They help integrate these technologies into current company programs to provide efficiency and effectiveness. Likewise, they conduct a cost-benefit analysis to see whether the new system is feasible or a waste of resources. There are three types of computer systems analysts:

    Systems designers, also known as architects, are in charge of finding solutions for their long-term goals.

    Software quality assurance analysts diagnose and analyze software issues and any other problems that may come up in computer systems.

    Programmer analysts are in charge of writing code in software that will match the client or company’s needs. They are creating slight changes to the current system’s codes to make way for a new design or subtle enhancement to solve the company’s issue.

  •     Computer network architect at an average salary rate of $122,043

Computer network architects are crucial to society as they are in charge of building network communication systems, including local area networks, intranet, and wide area networks. These will range from local to multinational networks that will be utilized by people around the world. They can also upgrade software like hardware, drivers, adapters, and even routers. In the process, they will create layouts for communication networks so that they will work properly. Before they do it, they need to understand the company’s business plan to arrange everything as needed and avoid future mistakes appropriately. They work hand in hand with computer systems engineers and can be patching up security issues to protect the company from possible hacks and data manipulation. Just as other IT personnel do, they also research the latest technologies to see how they can use them or adapt.

  •     Database administrator at a median salary of $93,750

A database administrator is essential to every company. They are tasked with installing and upgrading a database’s server as well as application tools. The physical requirements of a database system are also planned and allocated by them. This includes disk space, memory, network requirements, and others. Likewise, they create user-profiles and make sure they are secure. Access to these profiles is only given to authorized individuals to avoid leakage and ensure that the database or system is well protected. Aside from this, they also ensure that the company complies with the vendor’s licensing agreement, including the number of installations and schedule for renewal. The database may get damaged at some point, so database administrators create backups and recovery strategy so that there are extra copies of current company data that can still be accessed in case of a breach. As needed, they will also be in charge of migrating existing data to new drives and disks.

  •     Web developer at an average salary of $82,370

A web developer takes a web design created by the client and transforms it into a website. While some sites like WordPress will allow you to drag and drop elements nowadays, being a web developer means so much more. Web developers write code and languages that will further optimize your website to function as best as possible. Sometimes, some websites are relatively slow and messy. Web developers can fix that for you.

One of the most challenging things a web developer does is reading computer language. There are a multitude of computer languages available, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, and others. Imagine being a native English speaker with no idea how to speak a second language. That’s how it feels like to be a web developer. It isn’t easy to learn a language overnight, and it even takes years to perfect. These computer languages contain secrets that only web developers have the key to interpret.

There are several kinds of web developers. These are front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. Front-end developers take care of codes at the surface level of the website. Back-end developers maintain the website’s server, and this is where so many complications happen. A full-stack developer is a combination of a front- and back-end developer who understands both sides of the same coin.

To be a web developer, you first need to decide what kind of developer you want to become. Next, study everything you need to know about your chosen career path. Lastly, create a learning plan so that you can practice and start making your portfolio.

  •     Computer systems administrator at a median salary of $83,510

Computer systems administrators are always in demand in every company. They are in charge of the day-to-day maintenance of computer systems, including cables and connections that might have been compromised. They continue to update computers and maintain equipment. Likewise, they make sure that software is up to date to avoid delays in any work. They configure settings and help employees properly do their jobs by assisting with any company’s technical issues. There are different types of systems administrators depending on their careers. These are the following:

  1.     Server administrator
  2.     Network administrator
  3.     Database administrator
  4.     Security systems administrator

These individuals are often on-call and are available 24 hours a day.

  •     Computer support specialist with a median salary of $52,270

Computer support specialists assist callers who have problems with their devices, be it basic or complication inquiries. Likewise, they can recommend changes and provide solutions to your system. They also maintain required documentation, so they are very meticulous and particular with what they are doing. This ensures that the devices are safe to use and have no issues to avoid delays in your work.

  •     Computer programmer with a median salary of $63,903

A computer programmer makes code for applications as well as operating systems. After doing so, they test their programs on different platforms to see if they’re working. They can create new programs out of scratch or input a few codes to existing software to upgrade them


The IT industry is very demanding. If you’re already part of this, you should know that there are many opportunities available. You need to study and upskill to apply your knowledge to your work. While some companies might wish to hire those with experience immediately, they need to start somewhere successfully. There are also institutions willing to train fresh graduates as long as you are dedicated to learn and become better.

This news was originally published at UK Tech.