The new smart crib by Cradlewise will rock your child to sleep and has a built-in baby monitor by linking the crib with your smartphone.

New Smart Crib Will Take Care Of Bedtime

There is plenty of smart technology for babies these days. High-tech baby monitors that watch breathing and movement, bottles that keep track of how much milk your baby has drunk at each feed, and seats that can be programmed to rock your child to seat.

This may be the first and new smart crib we’ve come across, though. Cradlewise links with your smartphone to monitor your child’s sleeping patterns, and has a built-in baby monitor so you can keep a close watch on your bundle of joy. It will also adapt to your child; as soon as there are signs of waking, the crib will gently soothe your baby back to sleep.

Once everything is calm again, the crib will stop bouncing. It can also learn your child’s favourite songs and play them when the baby is fussy. All in all, Cradlewise is essentially taking over bedtime.

Originally published in Irish Times