Fawad to initiate scholarship program for schoolchildren

Minister for Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Sunday said a comprehensive plan was being prepared for initiating scholarship program for schoolchildren with an aim to produce top scientists in the country. 

Fawad to initiate scholarship program for schoolchildren

At least ten top students from science schools of the government would be provided scholarship program for schoolchildren to achieve objectives, he said in an interview with a private television channel program. 

As many as 450 schools of the government would be provided opportunity for science education so that thirty to forty thousand children could be made scientists, he added. 

Commenting on reform agenda of the ruling party, the minister said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), government had launched the reform program in many sectors and trying to gain progress in that regard. 

He said: “We made efforts to streamline the system in the sub offices of the ministry of information some time back.” In reply to a question about local government, he said Prime Minister Imran Khan had stressed the need for introducing LG system in the country. 

Ch Fawad Hussain further stated that there was dire need to transfer the funds from provincial to tehsil level to bring improvement in the system. 

He lamented that provincial government had been unwilling to discuss matters on financial commission award.  

About COVID-19, he said Pakistan had made success in controlling rising number of cases. 

To another question about role of politicians and technocrat, the minister said that politicians should have role in decision making because they are representing the will of the people at the forum of parliament.

NYT enlists Lahore in 52 tourist destinations to love

The historic walled city of Lahore was enlisted in 52 dream destinations for tourism lovers to visit in 2021 by the New York Times (NYT).

The NYT, an American Daily with worldwide readership,  compiled its list—52 places to love in 2021- after stifling more than 2,000 suggestions, received by it from the readers who were asked about the spots that had delighted, inspired and comforted them in a dark year.

It is not the first time that the world acknowledges Pakistan’s tourism potential. The country has already been recommended to the tourists as must-visit place by the global magazines such as Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler due to its breath-taking tourists destinations scattered across the country.

“Especially in winter, this city nourishes you. It opens its arms to you, then feeds you and wraps you in a hug,” remarked Haneen Iqbal, one of the American daily’s reader, about the walled city. The New York Times posted her view on its site, which described Lahore as one of the best city due to its culture, history and hospitality.

Other countries’ cities that included in the list were Siwa Oasis of Egypt, The Llanos of Colombia, Kaliya Dhrow of India, Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan, Isfahan, Iran and others.

Meanwhile, National Tourism Coordination Board Chairman Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari also took tiwtter to inform the nation about the development.

“Lahore is among the New York Times top picks to visit in 2021. Lahore’s rich culture, warmth, hospitality & the most amazing food in the world awaits travellers. A must-have on everyone’s list!,” Zulfikar Bukhari, who is also Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Overseas Pakistanis, tweeted.

Originally published at The nation