Dell Technologies has unveiled its top five technology predictions for 2021, forecasting how innovations will strengthen in twelve months.

The company forecasting how innovations in Hybrid Cloud, 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intelligent PCs will strengthen the resilience of businesses and organisations as they look to rebuild and transform in the next twelve months.

The company predicts that the pace of digital transformation will accelerate further over this year. New investments in technology over the coming months will enable organisations in the public and private sectors to sustain a hybrid workforce over the long-term with a mixture of in-office and at-home employees.

The 2021 technology predictions from Dell Technologies comes following a year in which companies have harnessed the power of technology to remain agile. According to the latest Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index survey of business leaders, 80% of companies globally fast-tracked their digital transformation projects since the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

The new technology predictions were unveiled following the first Transformation Made Real webinar, hosted by Connected and The Business Post in association with Dell Technologies last month, which focused on how Irish businesses can unlock the value of remote working and use technology to enhance productivity as many employees continue to work from home:

Announcing the 2021 predictions, Jason Ward, Vice-President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies Ireland, said: “In 2020, technology was the constant in a year of uncertainty. A combination of necessity and ingenuity on the part of businesses in Ireland resulted in nine years of digital transformation occurring in the space of just nine months. But as we enter a new year, technology will provide a path to our economic recovery.

“To help organisations along that journey and prepare them for the changes that lie ahead, we’ve identified the technology breakthroughs that will accelerate the pace of change in 2021. Greater investments in cloud operating models will enable the emergence of the hybrid workforce. 5G will unlock unprecedented levels of connectivity that will help to expand the scope and reach of remote learning, connected healthcare and innovative business models. We’ll also see AI, Cloud and 5G come together to develop intelligent devices for a connected workforce.

“At Dell Technologies, we’re optimistic about the future and how technology can act as a force for good, helping businesses to stay agile. Smart investments in IT can help scale up the success of Irish business and ensure they can truly transform for the long-term.”

Top 5 Predictions:

The top technology predictions from Dell Technologies include:

· Prediction 1: Hybrid Cloud will support a hybrid workforce

Over the coming year, investments in cloud operating models across public, private and edge environments will continue to grow as companies embrace hybrid working. This will change the way organisations manage technology with the emergence of IT-as-a-Service, giving rise to simpler and faster IT choices for businesses to meet the demands of their digital present and future.

· Prediction 2: New Edge opportunities will come into focus

The increase in remote working and learning combined with data-powered smart applications means highly-distributed data workloads that need to be managed and analysed in real-time at the Edge. Fuelled by 5G, the ability to analyse and act on data insights at the Edge will see the growth of e-commerce and digital business apps.

· Prediction 3: Acceleration of 5G to provide unprecedented levels of connectivity

5G is rapidly becoming the digital fabric of the data era as it extends the cloud operating model to the Edge to deliver widespread connectivity. In 2021, mobile network operators will accelerate their investments in modern IT that “cloudifies” their network architecture, bringing us closer to the kind of widespread connectivity and edge processing that 5G technology makes possible.

· Prediction 4: Intelligent PCs will adapt to needs of hybrid working

As people adapt to new hybrid working and learning, AI, Cloud and greater connectivity will merge to improve device user experience next year. These intelligent PCs will allow new apps and services to launch that make collaboration within teams working in the office or at home easier and more organic.

· Prediction 5: Technology will enable a new age of human transformation

2021 will see a technology-driven society emerge that places greater value on trust, empathy, patience and flexibility. This will help to transform how we work – which will be an outcome, not a place – as well as how people receive healthcare, students are educated and how society creates a more sustainable future.

Originally published at Business Post