Pakistan’s First Solar, Electricity, And Gas-Powered Car Launched

Pakistan’s First Car That Is Able To Run Either On Solar Power, Electricity Or Fuel. It Is Called The Hs Q4 And Is Now On Sale With 3 Variants

Pakistan's First Solar, Electricity, And Gas-Powered Car Launched

Sigma Motorsports, a motorcycle dealership company that imports Chinese bikes in Pakistan, has launched Pakistan’s first car that is able to run either on solar power, electricity or fuel. It is called the HS Q4 and is now on sale with three variants; standard EV for Rs 1895000, EVS Solar for Rs 1995000, and EVS Premium for Rs 2125000.The hybrid car has solar plates that make the vehicle cost-effective and nature friendly but driving duties are mainly performed by an electric motor and a petrol engine that can extend the driving range by 150-200Km. The car is available in a total of four colors; white, red, blue, and orange. The company offers a 1-year/20,000km warranty with the car that is best suited as a vehicle to run about the city. The car also includes features like power windows, power steering, rear camera, alloy rims, LED headlamp, fog Lights and central power locking.

This news was originally published at Dunya News

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