NEURALINK: Meet Your New Robot Brain

NEURALINK, The Medical Technology Firm Working Towards Revolutionizing The Lives Of Those Who Suffer From Neurological Disorders

NEURALINK: Meet Your New Robot Brain

Musk aims to eventually achieve “AI symbiosis,” which merges the human brain with artificial intelligence, by implanting this chip into a person’s brain. All the while, groundbreaking neuroscience innovations are showing us how a computer can already decode the brain — and restore human sensation in the process. Through implanting a different kind of computer chip into the brain of a patient who suffered a spinal cord injury, researchers found a way to restore the basic ability to feel. With the power to revolutionize how humans can control their own brain, machine interface technology is not only reimagining what future humans can do, but who they are at their core. In this episode of The Abstract, we discuss how breakthroughs in brain-machine interfaces can restore sensory and motor function and treat neurological disorders.


Is about the future of Neuralink, the medical technology firm working towards revolutionizing the lives of those who suffer from neurological disorders. Hinting at a world of downloadable memory and robot brain surgery, CEO Elon Musk says the technology could be a boon for the treatment of neurodegeneration and motor impairment.


Is about a brain-decoding computer that can restore an essential sensation — the ability to touch. A huge innovation for spinal cord patients, breakthroughs in the field of brain-computer interfaces could make the devastating loss of sensation reversible.

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