AInnovation Ranked as One of the MIT 50 Smartest Companies

Recently, MIT Technology Review released the MIT 50 Smartest Companies (TR50) 2020. AInnovation, as one of the few AI companies on the list, stood beside giants such as Baidu, Tesla and Nvidia.

AInnovation Ranked as One of the MIT 50 Smartest Companies

Each year since 2010, the MIT Technology Review has selected “MIT 50 Smartest Companies” from a list of thousands of technology companies around the world to share its insights into the frame of future technology. The TR50 has long been seen as a directory of emerging technologies and a map of global technological innovation as TR50 has a special criteria focusing on enterprises’ capability to implement and commercialize emerging technologies.

The TR50 has a wide range of candidates and is not limited by geography, including Chinese companies, international companies, and joint ventures, including, not only tech giants, but also small tech startups with great potential, as well as new and rapidly growing enterprises. 

In short, this is a statistic of the major technology companies in the current era, and the companies on the list are expected to maintain their technological leadership in the next 3-5 years, and even form a new disruption.

The aim of this annual list is to draw a diverse and objective situation map of emerging technologies and innovative businesses, so as to analyse the important innovations that are taking place today, and to anticipate the innovative forces that are changing China and the world.

AInnovation has positioned itself as an artificial intelligence product and solution company. With the mission of “AI Empowering Business”, the company is committed to promoting the intelligent upgrading of traditional industries with AI technology.

AInnovation empowers industries such as manufacturing, finance, retail and public services via the integration of hardware and software products and industry solutions based on machine learning and computer vision, so as to promote a rapid commercialization of AI.

Among them, smart manufacturing is the area of strength of AInnovation. AInnovation has self-developed ManuVision Industrial Vision Platform, combining traditional algorithm and advanced deep learning for functions such as location, inspection, measurement and recognition, providing overall automation solutions integrating optics, mechanics, electrical, software and algorithms.

The precision, generalization and universality of the platform are much better than traditional ones and can be adjusted for new demands in a quick manner, conquering difficulties such as the low efficiency of manual inspection and the lack of versatility and intelligence in the traditional machine vision. According to the statistics of IDC, AInnovation has become the second largest manufacturer of AI industrial quality inspection in China.

Originally published at Cision pr news wire