PepsiCo Pakistan Hosts ‘Sustainable Farming Program Road Show’

Sustainable Farming Program & Partnerships With Suppliers, Company Is Working With Farmers To Test &  Promote A Range Of Sustainable

PepsiCo Pakistan Hosts ‘Sustainable Farming Program Road Show’

As part of PepsiCo’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the company organized the “Sustainable Farming Program Road Show” to promote sustainable farming practices for its potato farmers located in Multan. The “Sustainable Farming Program” (SFP) is part of PepsiCo’s ‘Next Generation Agriculture’ strategy which aims to drive progress in making agriculture more resilient, intelligent and inclusive. The event was attended by 40 growers under Covid 19 protocols to ensure health and safety of employees As one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, a steady, sustainable supply of crops is central to PepsiCo’s business. Sustainable agricultural practices are also critical to meeting the increasing demand for food as the global population grows. PepsiCo uses more than 25 crops sourced across 60 countries and supports over 100,000 jobs in and throughout their agricultural supply chain.

Through PepsiCo’s Sustainable Farming Program (SFP) and partnerships with suppliers, the company is working with farmers to test and promote a range of sustainable, regenerative farming approaches, from new smart agriculture technologies, irrigation practices, and soil health management techniques, to measures that improve worker safety. PepsiCo’s goal is to be a catalyst for change in the field, because we recognize that transforming how we grow food is an essential part of building a more sustainable food system. A number of growers with practices at par with the SFP code have been certified under this program.

PepsiCo works with farmers to provide education on field agronomy, fertilizers, irrigation, plant protection techniques and new technologies, supporting them to adapt best practice to fit the crop and local circumstances while leveraging Precision Agriculture and Digitization. During COVID, PepsiCo has ensured to conduct connects with the growers under recommended protocols. Necessary PPEs and COVID protection kits supplied to field teams to carry out field services, growers had been educated to take necessary measures during farming operations. Recommended screening protocols implemented in field offices and during office / field meetings. Remote meeting by use of technology conducted where physical interaction was not required to avoid unnecessary exposure of team and business partners.

The SFP Road Show showcased global best practices in sustainable farming, so that PepsiCo potato growers can employ those processes and techniques at the farm level in order to become more sustainable. The event consisted of video screenings imparting knowledge about the company’s commitment to sustainability, as well as demonstrations of high efficiency irrigation systems (HEIS; including drip and sprinkler systems) and their benefits for both crop-yields as well as for the environment. The demonstrations were conducted on a PepsiCo grower’s model farm in Multan, where growers had the opportunity to see how sustainable practices improved both quantity as well as quality of potato crop yield. By joining hands with different stakeholders, they shared new technological interventions and practices.

Zahid Saleem, head of PepsiCo Agriculture Supply Chain said, “The purpose of today’s road show is to encourage peer to peer learning amongst our growers and to encourage wider adoption of sustainable farming practices and climate smart agriculture’ Nasir Khalil, one of PepsiCo’s partner potato grower commented,’ PepsiCo’s SFP has taught how do we mindful about the environment. We are learning and adopting practices that are beneficial for the crop and are in harmony with nature’ PepsiCo aims to expand SFP across 7 million acres to increase responsible agricultural practices, improve crop yields and growers’ livelihoods, and advance respect for workers’ fundamental human rights.