CDA Completes Three Wetland In Islamabad

Rose & Jasmine Garden, F 11(GOLRA) And Syedpur Wetland Projects Will Be Completed In A Month And A Half

CDA Completes Three Wetland In Islamabad

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed three wetland projects, three are in progress and 10 more wetlands are being planned. Rose & Jasmine Garden, F 11(Golra) And Syedpur Wetland projects will be completed in a month and a half.

The said projects are being constructed awith the help of STP as per the directions of the Supreme Court, said a press release. According to the details CDA planned to build a wetland to prevent sewage water. The design of the wetland was prepared by the City Sewerage Department in collaboration with PARC. Ground work on wetland project has been completed at three places. These places include Muslim Colony Bari Imam, Nurpur Shah and Bani Gala. In these Pounds, where plants that control environmental pollution have been planted, plant absorbed and released into the air, which purifies 70 to 80 percent of the water and pours it back into the drains.

This small project costs 1.5 million. The agency has also submitted detailed reports on the matter to the court. In light of the success of the experiment and the Supreme Court’s directives, the agency is working on three more wetland projects. MGD) will purify the water daily. The second wetland project is being constructed on the drain of Rose and Jasmine Garden. The said wetland is also being constructed on two acres of land at the said place. The garden will be used for irrigation of plants, while the third wetland is being constructed at Saidpur. Is planning to create 10 more wetlands in places.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point