How To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse 2020 In UK

The Last Total Solar Eclipse Was In 2017, In North America, Although There Have Been Partial Solar Eclipses Since Then

How To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse 2020 In UK

A total solar eclipse will be visible in some parts of the world on Monday, as the moon’s shadow falls on South America, completely blocking the sun from view. This is how to watch the total solar eclipse from your own home in the UK, as well as a live stream of the phenomenon. Amateur astronomers will be delighted to know that there will be a first total solar eclipse in three years this week. We explain how you can watch the eclipse from the comfort of your own armchair using a live stream of the event. The total eclipse of the sun fall on Monday December 14 this year, and will mainly impact South America. The celestial event will see the moon’s shadow block out the sun in parts of Chile and Argentina. An eclipse is caused by the moon orbiting in between the sun and Earth.

If you’re in part of the world that’s affected by an eclipse, you may be temporarily ushered into darkness. The last total solar eclipse was in 2017, in North America, although there have been partial solar eclipses since then. People that live in the US or Canada will have to wait another four years for an eclipse, however. Thankfully, you can watch a live stream of the eclipse from your own home in the UK. Streaming service Slooh will be using a telescope from the Institute of Astrophysics of Pontificia Universidad Catolica for the stream.

How to live stream the total solar eclipse

  • You don’t need to be a Slooh member to watch the eclipse live stream.
  • The stream will be available to watch on Slooh’s website, its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.
  • A team of astronomers will be providing live commentary of the event.
  • Alternatively, we’ve embedded the live stream below for easy access.
  • But if you live in Chile or Argentina, you’ll be able to watch the eclipse by looking out of your window.
  • You should never watch the eclipse with your naked eyes, however, as it could cause lasting damage.
  • You’ll need special protective goggles to shield your eyes from the sun.
  • You can buy eclipse goggles online, in some shops, and even at certain libraries.

The eclipse is expected to make landfall in Chile at 2.38am UK time (11.38am local time) on Monday morning. There is an approximate trajectory of around 56 miles, with the moon completely covering the sun for just over two minutes. A partial eclipse will be visible as far north as Ecuador, while Antarctica may also be exposed to up to 40 percent partial solar eclipse. The next solar eclipse is expected to appear over South America again on December 4 2021.

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