Researchers Believe To Have Spotted New Species Of Whale

The Team Spotted Three Unusual Specimens While Tracking A Different, Rare Species Of Beaked Whales

Researchers Believe To Have Spotted New Species Of Whale

The world’s vast oceans are still revealing new secrets. Researchers working off Mexico’s Pacific coast think they have spotted a new species of whale. They shot underwater video of what they call a “previously-unknown” type of beaked whale. If confirmed, the new species would mark a significant discovery among giant mammals. The discovery took place last month, about 300 miles south of the US border. The team spotted three unusual specimens while tracking a different, rare species of beaked whales. Jay Barlow of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego was among the scientists on the trip.

“What we ended up finding was another beaked whale species. It was clear it was a beaked whale. They surfaced very close to the boat, and then they came to us, two or three times they came back to the boat,” Barlow said. Among the evidence of the new species, the whales’ teeth were unusually placed and underwater recordings of the whales’ calls also suggested they were unique. The scientists are awaiting test results to see if they collected DNA that would confirm whether the whales are a new species.

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