Samsung's official Galaxy S21 teasers just leaked, and it shows us all three phones

While Samsung has yet to officially reveal its upcoming Galaxy S21 family of flagship smartphones, there have been plenty of leaks and rumors on the upcoming flagships, and today we’ve seen what seem to be official teasers of the smartphones.

Samsung's official Galaxy S21 teasers just leaked, and it shows us all three phones

By Stephen Lambrechts 

Android Police has gotten a hold of three official-looking teaser videos, giving us our best look at the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra to date.

Although the leaked teasers don’t show any of the phones in full, they do offer a very clear look at each handset’s rear camera arrays and glimpses at their displays, confirming the designs seen in previously leaked renders and real-word photos.

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The short Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus teasers show two seemingly identical handsets (which will almost certainly differ in size and battery capacity when finally released), as well as a gorgeous new two-tone color option that’s reportedly dubbed Phantom Violet. 

Both handsets sport a flat display, a centered pinhole selfie camera and a rear triple camera array with an almost flat bezel.

That two-tone color is the biggest news from this leak, and it’s a bold design choice from the company but it looks premium in the short Galaxy S21 Plus teaser you can see below.

There is a separate teaser for the Galaxy S20 that Android Police have provided, but we’ve decided not to include it here as the design looks identical to what you’ve seen above.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s design diverges somewhat with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. If this teaser is official, it suggests it will boast a curved display with centered pinhole selfie camera, alongside a quad camera setup on the rear.

This teaser doesn’t give us any clear idea of the spec to expect, but other reports suggest it’ll include a 108MP primary sensor, a 10MP periscope telephoto lens, an additional 10MP telephoto lens and a 12MP ultra-wide sensor. 

Another supposed inclusion is a laser-autofocus sensor, which is said to replace the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s ToF (time of flight) sensor. From what we can tell in this short clip, all of those elements seem to be there on the rear of the phone in this footage.

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t show enough of the Galaxy S21 Ultra to confirm a rumor that suggests the upcoming handset might get an S Pen, meaning we’ll have to wait until Samsung’s expected unveiling on January 14, 2020.

We’ve seen more of the handsets in previous leaks from other sources, so we’re now starting to piece together a clear picture of what you should expect from the Samsung S21 series.

You can see the leaked videos all cut together into one video clip with the below tweet from IceUniverse that shows all of the handsets in a quick two minute look.

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Originally published at Tech radar