Pakistan’s Biotech Industry To Get A Major Boost

Prof Yin Xiushan Said That The Project Would Help Enhance Pakistan’s Ability For Epidemic Prevention And Control. Li Junyuan

Pakistan’s Biotech Industry To Get A Major Boost
By Taha Abdullah

According to a statement by the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing, a Chinese biotechnology company wants to set up a gene and cell research center in Pakistan in collaboration with a Pakistani partner firm. Shenyang Biotech of China and Biomedicine Group and Dynamic Engineering Automation Group held a cloud signing ceremony on Saturday in which they finalized the details of the agreement.

“Initially, Shenyang Biotech and Biomedicine Group will be marketing its products in Pakistan through Dynamic Engineering Automation Group, and later on they will establish a research laboratory which will ultimately be transformed into a university,” said the Commercial Consular, Pakistan Embassy Beijing Badar Uz Zaman speaking at the signing ceremony. “The collaboration between the two companies will be materialized very quickly and we will see the results very soon”, he continued.

Shenyong Biotech specializes in pathogen detection, biological reagent and stem cell research, an area in which Pakistan’s pharmaceutical company lacks behind currently. “We need support from the Chinese side on the vaccine, DNA, and high technology and since this project is being supported by Liaoning’s Provincial Development Reform Commission, we hope to see the materialisation of the project very soon,” said Zaman.

Likewise, Chinese officials emphasized the importance of the initiative on the relationship between both countries. Chairman Biotech, Prof Yin Xiushan said that the project would help enhance Pakistan’s ability for epidemic prevention and control. Li Junyuan, Deputy Director of Belt and Road Initiative Construction Promotion Center of National Development and Reform Commission said the initiative is an important milestone in China’s continuous and active support for Pakistan in improving public health care and epidemic response.

This news was originally published at Tech Juice