Cambridge Tech For Good Accelerator Announces CamLab In Asia

CamLab, New Cambridge Based Remote Accelerator Has Announced An Open Call For Applications  On It’s New Programme Startups In Asia

Cambridge Tech For Good Accelerator Announces CamLab In Asia

Remote Accelerator Programme, connecting international socially responsible investors and mentors with local Startup Founders announces Open Call for applications. CamLab, the  new Cambridge based remote accelerator has announced an open call for applications  on it’s new programme focused on purpose-driven startups in Asia, beginning in the new year. The key theme for the startup programme is environmental and economic sustainability . Successful applicants will receive seed funding as well  as international mentoring and support, alongside being connected with potential local and international partners and clients. The selection process is competitive but ‘fair by design’. CamLab is interested in relentless, exceptional founders, with serious integrity, who thrive in adversity, regardless of background.

CamLab is interested in founders who are building purpose driven ventures, seeking to solve problems affecting society and environment. CamLab believes that the best way to address this is via responsible business, driven by ethical founders, supported by both local and international mentors, experienced community as well as smart capital.  CamLab is making this happen, remotely, during the current pandemic.  The programme is based on the premise that positive social impact and responsible business are not mutually exclusive. They can and indeed, in the case of CamLab, must  complement each other. CamLab sees this as the only ethical and rational way forward for society as a whole.

A key member of the CamLab Leadership Team, Mr. M. Matthews:

“Asia is the future, and the future is now. We believe that the future high impact tech entrepreneurs will come from Asia. We, in the UK, have a historic and special relationship with South Asia in particular. We aim to build upon that in the most positive way possible; through shared sustainability goals, tech, knowledge sharing and trade, based on genuine mutual respect and trust.

“Climate change is socio-economic change too. It doesn’t recognise borders; it affects us all, right now.. So we must all work together to address the big issues and challenges of our time. CamLab believes local founders in Asia can solve these problems, we’re here to support them. Everything we do is simple, but not easy. That’s why we partner with people and organisations who ‘get it’. We’re all about sharing and building bridges. “We believe that talent is evenly distributed across the world; including Asia, but opportunity, unfortunately isn’t evenly distributed across geography and socio-economic realities. We are absolutely committed to bridging the gap between Asian talent with both local and global opportunities.”  The next Remote Accelerator Programme starts in February 2021, running for 3 months until Demo Week, when the startups will have a chance to pitch to an international panel of socially responsible investors from the UK, Europe, USA, the GCC and China.