The IPhone 12 Range Is Coming To S.A In December

A Tweet By Tech Retailer Cellucity Sent Shockwaves Through Twitter. Tweet Simply Reads, 18 December Accompanied By 5 Apple Emojis

The IPhone 12 Range Is Coming To S.A In December

South African’s have been on the edges of their seats for too long. Rumours started rolling through the streets, while retailers and journalists have been inundated with questions: “When are we getting the iPhone 12?” It finally looks like there may be hope for us. A recent tweet by popular tech retailer Cellucity sent shockwaves through Twitter. The tweet simply reads: “18 December…” accompanied by five little apple emojis. What could this mean? We wondered. We needed to crack the code at once.

Okay, it’s not that complex, really. Cellucity just conformed that South Africans will, indeed, get Apple’s new lineup of smartphones in the shapes of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro. Even though pricing hasn’t been confirmed at all, we do know that they’re coming.

What’s the holdup?

This is a strange phenomenon that hits South Africa every now and then, with tech producers lengthening the launch time in SA. In previous years, we saw Apple make its smartphones available for preorder in about two weeks following the global announcement.

Apple announced the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup globally on 13 October. Following this, device pricing announcements and availability was announced in different regions across the globe. South Africans waited in anticipation, with no joy.

Now it looks like we may finally get an idea about local pricing come December. It also looks like we’ll see the devices officially available through retail outlets from 18 December.

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