Situation May Be Dangerous If Measures Not Taken To Control Smog

Smog Is Horrible Shape Of Air Pollution & Will Be Dangerous During Coming Days If Immediate Steps Are Not Taken At International Level.

Situation May Be Dangerous If Measures Not Taken To Control Smog

Smog is horrible shape of air pollution which is a common hazard on the globe and if immediate measures are not taken seriously at international level, the situation may be most dangerous during coming days, feared by experts.

Talking to APP here on Friday, Deputy Director Environment Farhat Abbas said that air pollution and smog are very serious threat for the human being. Chimneys of brick kilns, mills and factories are emitting excessive smoke direct into the air. Similarly, the vehicles running without proper tuning are also emitting smoke and causing pollution.

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The Environment department launched anti-smog campaign and formed various teams to check air pollution because air pollution causes smog during winter which reduces visibility. He said that intensity of smog is increasing due to smoke, dust and humidity in the air and extreme caution should be exercised till there are three or four winter rains.

He said that anti-smog operations are being carried out by 13 other departments including Environment Department, Agriculture Department, City Traffic Police and Faisalabad Waste Management Company to prevent the spread of various diseases.

He said that 176 brick kilns were sealed so far as they were running without zigzag technology and emitting excessive smoke due to outdated technology and causing smog. Cases were registered against owners of 38 brick kilns. He said that 113 different industrial units were inspected by the teams of Environment department. 51 factories across the district were sealed and cases were registered against owners of 27 factories as they were continuously spreading toxic and harmful fumes by using alternative fuels instead of wood, coal, electricity and gas, he added.

He said that the traffic police also set up pickets on highways and challaned 486 vehicles on charge of emitting excessive smoke. They also imposed heavy fines on the drivers besides issuing warning to owners of 183 vehicles.

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Process of distribution of millions of precautionary pamphlets among motorcyclists is also continuing with full swing, he said and added that a series of seminars are also being conducted in educational institutions to create awareness in this regard.

Meanwhile, Director Agriculture Faisalabad Chaudhry Abdul Hameed said that smog is horrible shape of air pollution and it will be most dangerous during coming days if immediate steps are not taken at international level.

He said that the government has imposed ban on burning of residues of paddy and other crops as smoke coupled with fog is not only causing air pollution but also smog during winter. Therefore, officials and field assistants of Agriculture department are keeping a vigil eye on farmers so that they do not set on fire their crop residues.

He said that burning of crop residues is causing environmental pollution as well as smog while crop friendly insects are also dying due to fire which is increasing the risk of various pests attacking on the crops. Therefore, the farmers should be aware and plowing crop residues into the soil to increase soil fertility.

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Dr. Zafar Abbas Khan Baloch Medical Superintendent, Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology and Dr. Javed Ahmed Magsi Assistant Professor of Pulmonology said that number of patients suffering from TB and other diseases including heart and respiratory problems is increasing day by day due to air pollution and smog. Therefore, the people with such diseases should avoid from leaving their homes during smog and fog and make sure to use a face mask before stepping out of their houses.

Ophthalmologists Dr. Mohammad Hanif and Dr. Farooq Hussain Khan said that smog is also very harmful to the eyes so everyone should wear spectacles before leaving home and especially during riding a motorcycle to protect eyes from harmful effects of the smog.

This news was originally published at Urdu Point

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