M-Tag & Mobile Wallets, For A Hassle-Free Toll Tax Payment

M-Tag, A Feature That Works On The Basis Of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) To Identify The Vehicles On The Go.

M-Tag & Mobile Wallets, For A Hassle-Free Toll Tax Payment

Have you used the motorway to travel recently? If not, you may embark on a new journey because you will be surprised to learn how technologically advanced and convenient toll tax payment has become.

Earlier, traveling to another city via the motorway seemed like a major hassle. If we talk about the frequent travelers or tourists, it was no less than a nightmare. This was due to the fact that it used to be time consuming. Firstly, the traffic congestions at various toll plazas would simply be unbearable as vehicles accumulating at the toll booths would make it very difficult and time consuming for the traveler.

Now, it is as easy as it can be with the facility of M-Tag, a feature that works on the basis of RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] to identify the vehicles on the go. It has been developed by the motorway authorities to ensure an easy toll tax payment. The RFID chip system is read by scanners installed at the toll booths. The scanner reads the balance and the location of the entry and, upon exit, it deducts the amount automatically.

Now, all you have to do is stop at one of the booths, get tagged, and have your tax digitally and conveniently paid. There’s no need to wait in a long queue for your turn before or worry about carrying cash while travelling.

Digital payment platforms such as Easypaisa and JazzCash are also playing a major role in this digital process. Motorists now have the option to recharge their M-Tag accounts using their mobile wallets, thus abolishing the need to stop for paying toll tax or carrying cash. This is also a very safe mode of transactions given the current wave of COVID-19 in the country.

By keeping your mobile wallet on digital payment apps recharged, you can benefit from the feature quite easily. It is heartening to see the use of technology to bring convenience to the lives of the people and all such steps towards a digital Pakistan must be applauded. It would be nice to see such solutions in place on other major highways in the country as well and not just motorways.

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