Promotion Of Research Culture, Crucial For Development Of Universities

Promotion of research culture has become crucial for the development of universities. He said that the desired goals can be achieved.

The University of Karachi usually managed to generate around 63 percent of its revenue from its own resources but owing to the situation due to Covid-19 the fee collection of the University has decreased by Rs600 million this year, that was why the KU is suffering from the unfavorable financial situation.

However, despite all these difficulties, the teachers of the University of Karachi were rendering valuable services that were truly commendable. These views were expressed by the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi while addressing the annual dinner hosted by the Karachi University Teachers Society, which was held at the KU Staff Club.

He shared that the promotion of research culture has become crucial for the development of universities. He said that the desired goals can be achieved by modernizing the education system. In this context, promoting research trends is a modern requirement and the research is the foundation of knowledge, no nation can move forward without progress in the field of research.

He mentioned that it is necessary to provide resources for research because it is not possible without resources. He observed that deans of the faculties and heads of departments play a key role in promoting research and teaching activities in the campus.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi advised that decisions should always be based on equality, transparency, and justice and said he was delighted to see that the faculty members of the University Karachi are following it properly.

He further said that the University of Karachi could turn into the best universities in the world if we all realize our responsibilities and perform our duties honestly.

He advised that we need to promote a culture of harmony in society. We do not have tolerance in society, and if we start listening and accepting others’ points of view regardless we agree or disagree with that, we will see a positive change in society.

“I urge all teachers to promote a culture of tolerance, there may be differences but it is important that we listen to each others’ opinions, and respect each others.

We should respect everyone based on equality instead of positions.” Meanwhile, referring to the selection boards, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said that we conducted several meeting and selection boards which were delayed for a long time for various reasons and said that some decisions would be taken during the remaining selection boards in the upcoming syndicate meeting.

Earlier, the President KUTS, Professor Dr Anila Amber Malik while presenting the annual performance report of the teachers association, said that this year has been one of the most difficult years due to the coronavirus pandemic and added that even though the situation was harsh due to Covid19, the KUTS has served all the teachers without any favoritism.

She mentioned that selection boards of various departments were held which were due for past many years and remuneration in evening shift were reasonably increased which is one of the demands of teachers.

She said that up-gradation based on hardship cases made sure before the retirement of 22 teachers and added that KUTS also play an important role due to which the syndicate had approved applications of referral back cases and hoped that their selection boards could take place.

Professor Dr Anila Malik shared that even though the provincial government did not release the last installment of grant in lieu of PhD allowance, the KU administration has not stopped the payment of the allowance, and Liaquat National Hospital has been adopted as a standard for the treatment of infectious diseases such as cancer so that payments can be made to cancer patients from non-panel hospitals as well.

She said that Dow University Hospital has been included in the KU panel and as a coronavirus pandemic measures emergency medical policy for the University’s teachers and staff has also been approved.

She shared that teachers pointed out flaws in the HEC Journal Portal and efforts were made to make sure that the HEC Pakistan would now not delete local journals. Later, teachers, who have completed their PhD in 2020, or retired from the service, or newly appointed as faculty members were awarded shields.

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