Are Gaming Laptops Worth It

Nowadays, gamers need an upgrade for their gaming experience to be elevated by just a mere desktop system. They need a higher power in a compact chassis with better portability solutions. Many gamers consider going for a gaming laptop instead of a colossal gaming PC to achieve their gaming quests.

There is no doubt that at the time when gaming laptops were first introduced in the market, they failed to attract the gamer’s attention due to their massive size, ugly build, short battery life, and enormous appearance. But in the past few years, there was a drastic change in terms of their shape and power that made them get a second chance to rise and conquer the gaming world. This second opportunity was never wasted, and now gaming laptops are considered side-by-side with desktops (sometimes even more preferred than the desktops) due to their portability.

With that said, gaming laptops have been significantly improved to this modern-day and age than one can expect. They may be compromised with a bit larger price tag, but now they’re making themselves more worthy than those that launched a couple of years ago.

Many factors such as portability, higher power, processor, GPU, storage, etc. taking less chassis space can be compensated with a relatively higher price tag.

If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop, it does not means that you are restricting it to play games. These efficient laptops are built to handle every type of massive task with intensive use along with multitasking. Sometimes it gets better than PCs when opening several tabs and other software.

Compared with a standard gaming PC, a gaming laptop is quite similar in many aspects. The same software, the same OS, and the same programs makes them as easy to use as desktops. They are still user-friendly, and there is nothing you cannot figure out with the comparison with PC.  But unlike PCs, they’re quite fast in terms of performance and processing capabilities since they are equipped with higher-end processors. Gaming gets quite intense, and so does multitasking and software used as the power, the processor provides is relatively greater than an average gaming PC.

To get an in-depth overview of how to differentiate between a gaming PC from a gaming laptop, it is better to discuss several aspects under their separate headings.


You may consider this aspect as one of the most important reasons to get a gaming laptop instead of building yourself a gaming PC. Portability serves as a vital option for those who want to travel a lot along with their gaming rig to get connected to their digital world whenever and wherever they want. You can take it literally anywhere you want. You got a terrible internet connection and did not want to get interrupted in your last circle of PUBG or Call of Duty: Warzone? You can pick up your gaming rig and head to some café where you can get a more vital internet connectivity option to help you achieve your victory with no external interruption.

Not only just highlighting a specific café, but you can also take your gaming laptop wherever you want. Whether it is the house of your friend where you want to get hooked yourself up with a lot of other friends and organize a friendly LAN match, or taking it on vacations with you so that you never feel incomplete and in a state where you are in a dire need for killing your boredom start to game on your rig casually. All these portability advantages are not available for a big and bulky gaming desktop, but you can extract all these benefits when equipping yourself with a good gaming laptop.

So it ultimately comes down to a statement that if you are a serious gamer who wants to dig their way to the first place in the tournaments or LAN matches, then even the heaviest laptop will seem lighter and easy-to-carry than an average massive gaming PC. Even though you are not a pro gamer, it is a good bet to enjoy your decent gaming in a lightweight inducement of a gaming laptop.

High-Quality Components:

One of the significant reasons to consider a gaming laptop over a gaming desktop is the type of materials used in their manufacturing. Most gaming laptops are equipped with high-end processors RAMs, massive hard disks (most probably SSDs when the price tag gets more prominent), and advanced graphic cards to ensure maximum efficiency and a robust user experience.

Not only for gamers, but these high-end components can also be beneficial for the ones who are not in gaming at all as well. Whether it is about video editing or rendering, it can provide an ultimate user-experience by eliminating any lags and freeze without compromising the performance and efficiency. Still, if that is not a thing for an average laptop user, its high-end components can easily handle the load if you should spend a lot of hours on your laptop. At this stage, the high-end laptop components play a vital role as they tend to last longer and cause fewer problems related to processing and hardware.

One of the critical aspects that tend to rise under this umbrella is the sound quality of laptops. For an average laptop, the sound quality becomes crappier and more distorted when the overall size gets decreased. It seems like the speaker has just been placed in it as a formality, with the manufacturing acknowledging that their customers will ultimately purchase a mini set of separate speakers or headphones to fix their sound problems. This is not the case when it comes to gaming laptops. They are equipped with the highest quality speakers from vendors like Dolby, TrueHarmony, etc. that provide the best, most clear, and crisp sound solutions. Escalated to much of an extent, some companies offer proper audio controls like bass boost, equalizer, reverb, and surround sound to enhance your audio experience even more.


If you compare the exact benchmarks of gaming laptop components with a gaming desktop one’s, you will realize that there is not much of a difference in monitoring its performance.

But the factor that should be considered here as an utmost priority is the underclocking mechanism applied to most of the components of a gaming laptop to ensure their controlled overheat scenarios. Sometimes those components are clocked around 30 – 50 % lower than an average gaming PC to solving the overheating issues.

Underclocking significantly decreases the amount of heat generated via laptop components and reduces the amount of noise they will make on their extreme performance.

Although this type of factor must be acknowledged, that does not mean that the performance will get affected to that much of an extent. You will ultimately get a powerful gaming rig under a lower power consumption ratio.

But after all this, all comes to a refining end that the gaming laptops tend to have far lesser power consumption than the gaming desktops, which can ultimately show a fruitful benefit when it comes to saving electricity.


It is all under our observations that a specific gaming laptop costs a bit higher than its competitor in a gaming desktop. You can get a gaming desktop almost as half the price as of a gaming laptop. In other technical words, a gaming laptop depicts a relatively lower price-to-performance ratio than a desktop, and there is a strong reason behind it.

One of the most significant reasons is that a laptop is comparatively smaller and carries a considerable amount of technology, all packed inside a small chassis. So it ultimately costs a few rupees when you want a higher performance gaming rig that covers a lot of less space.

Smaller yet powerful components not only save a lot of space for a gamer but it also requires less of a power source to get itself running and performing efficiently. If none in comparison, it takes a lot less electricity than a modern-day gaming PC, which makes it gain a significant edge in the world of gaming.

One of another great reason why a gaming laptop is expensive is due to its components. You can build a gaming PC from nothing and can stand with a lot of interchangeable options. In contrast, a gaming laptop provides you with a limited number of interchangeable components that are specifically designed for that particular laptop. You cannot go for the best and the cheapest available components in the market for a gaming laptop. You have to settle for whatever is available for that specific model.

So it ultimately comes down to the pricing that makes you take a decision about whether you want to go for a gaming laptop that can specifically design your gaming strategies in a small, more compact form than a big, monstrous desktop PC that requires a lot of space to get fit into the environment and is still not much portable.

Design and Build Quality:

The most significant feature that defines a gaming laptop from a regular one is its appearance and unique build design. You can easily distinguish a gaming laptop with its distinctive and futuristic look.

And as comparing a gaming laptop with a gaming PC, it gets the job done when it is about custom chassis and build. You can witness large vents to good airflow to make it able to be used for a more extended time period with proper heat dissipation, many connectivity ports to connect it with various other electronic devices, and a sleek, cutting-edge overall design that all gives it a massive and classy look with proper functionality.

Although providing a massive, bossy finish to a gaming laptop gives it an edge in both functionality and overall looks of the rig, most of the companies out there prefer designing a gaming laptop that is more sleek, simple, and basic to look from the outside. You can witness the design strategy adopted by Razer in their laptops; they go for an all-black sleek, simple design for their gaming rigs.

Besides talking about the exterior design, a gaming laptop is also known for its vast adaptation of an RGB keyboard with neon-colored lighting. It is a hard deal to get your hands on some gaming laptop that does not provide a LED-backlit keyboard. Most high-end models prefer to add the RGB mechanism to their backlit keyboard functionality instead of adopting a single shade; this all gives a pleasing and attractive overall look to a gaming laptop that can tempt you to go for it.


So, as concluding this whole debate of getting on a quest about finding a gaming laptop’s worthiness, we can suggest that gaming laptops are not limited to gaming only. They can provide you with the ultimate experience in video editing, video rendering, and various digital tasks.

They are indeed very portable, and you can quickly hook them up in your bag and take them anywhere you want. It is like taking your ultimate gaming rig wherever you want; it just feels like a dream come true. With high-quality components, sleek design, and enhanced build quality, you can easily rely on your machine for a longer life span. They will not betray you when it comes to reliability.

So yes, after observing all this information, you can see that a gaming laptop can be your ultimate choice over a huge, bulky, immovable gaming PC, especially when it comes to both performance and portability.

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