Jasper Treasures New Book Releases on Amazon Kindle

Bestseller publication Announcing the release of Jasper Treasures new book, ??Digital Africa: Investing in Africa’s Most Unused Source. ?? It will be available for free download on the Amazon Kindle Store on November 2ndnd.

Jasper treasures new book releases on Amazon Kindle

by Mortimer Rodgers

?? Investment Investment ?? This is one of the biggest passwords of the fund today, which is said to be invested with the aim of creating positive and measurable social and environmental change in addition to cash flow. Seems like the best way to put money into projects, businesses and places that will strengthen your investment portfolio and additionally improve the lives of the people who live there ?? But there are also numerous dangers. One of the most encouraging destinations for offensive investment, but one of the most misunderstood by foreign investors, is sub-Saharan Africa.

In ?? Digital Africa, ?? Jesper Treasure, a successful investor in the African technology scene since 2013 and head of three African technology companies, explains the possibilities and risks of investing in sub-Saharan Africa. He goes deeper into what an investor needs to understand about sub-Saharan Africa before deciding to do business there: the pros and cons, obvious and underestimated, lie; Special issues surrounding business creation, taxation and hiring; The dangers of allowing yourself to overdo it with your expectations. Above all, Treasure outlines how important digitization is to create the greatest impact with your time and money.

Whether it is a form of digital money for people who do not have access to proper banking, whether it is for the increased ability of governments to collect taxes or to improve health outcomes with little data, digitalization is on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa. With ?? Digital Africa ?? As your guide to technical investment, the chances of making a real impact as an investor are increasing.

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