Fawad Ch: IT Help Deliver Speedy Justice, Investigation Of Criminal Cases

It Is Important To Equip Our Police Departments And Courts With The Latest Technologies For Investigation Of Criminal Case.

Fawad Ch: IT Help Deliver Speedy Justice, Investigation Of Criminal Cases

Minister for Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain Monday said that technology should be used to the maximum extent to ensure speedy delivery of justice and for investigating any criminal cases.

Talking to a private news channel, he assured that removing flaws in the current outdated justice system, modern technology would greatly help deliver speedy justice to the common people and conducting fair investigation for criminal cases. Fawad stressed that it is the great need of time to equip police forces with the latest technology to improve the service delivery mechanism to elevate efficiency.Fawad said that we live in an era of modern time

“The PTI government wants that the judicial system of our country makes full use of information and communication technology. This should be given priority,” he said, adding, this can help save a lot of time and money as well”.

He said the most important stakeholders in the justice system are the citizens, and ensuring that they have access to justice is the most important challenge that needs to be overcome with adopting technology in police system.’Modernization of justice through technology and bringing reforms in ‘thana culture’ were the basic plans of government, adding, our courts and police departments need urgent modern reforms”, he added.

He emphasized on the use of latest electronic devices during the process of investigation.Replying to a question regarding motorway incident, he said Federal cabinet is working on it for bringing new laws and introducing new technologies in outdated police system.

He reassured that the government will make all efforts to back his resolve to reduce criminal cases.Another query related to GB reforms, he said opposition parties have nothing to do with the elections in GB, adding, they all were pursuing only their personal agenda.

He said the opposition was only blackmailing the government as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) noose was tightening around them.He said Gilgit-Baltistan will get its constitutional rights and we will move forward on GB in consensus with the stakeholders.

The Minister however regretted the posture of the opposition parties, saying they do not want consensus on any issue of national interest and their focus is only to protect the plundered amount.He said we will bring reforms whether opposition supporting us or not.He further criticized that PML-N and PPP leadership were only focused on their ongoing accountability cases.

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