Waind Project To Find Global Problems Solution Through AI

Waind is a high school student-led project that works to explore solutions to unprecedented global problems through Artificial Intelligence.

Waind is a high school student-led project that works to explore solutions to unprecedented global problems through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in conjunction with world renowned universities and talented students from around the world.

Waind is determined to explore solutions to illegal immigration, the spread of diseases like COVID-19, integrated security systems, drone-delivery, traffic, and a myriad of industrial and mechanical problems.

Waind possesses innovative ideas that will have great success if implemented as concluded by its founders – only local universities in the UAE are the ones who could facilitate and invest in their technologies.

Waind will launch in 2021 and is currently seeking another UAE-based passionate student-founding member to complete their founding trio.

About the founders:

Louai Allani

Louai is a social entrepreneur known for founding CORONAMOOD, a nonprofit organisation researching mood during the COVID-19 pandemic and transforming data into relatable statistics for private research (Yale University Article).

Allani was raised in Dubai, and educated at Lycée Français International de Dubaï and became a Yale Young Global Scholar in 2020.IHe sits today as the youngest member of the United Nations Association of Tunisia.

Allani is currently working on multiple startups and social initiatives ranging from data collection websites to automated takedown softwares for infringed copyrights, like motiong8.com.

Allani aspires to major in Political Science with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies on a pre-law track.

Mohamed Yalouh

Mohamed, a current member of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations and the Moroccan Technology and Science Association is a student in Abu Dhabi that attends the American community School.

He is a well-known inventor in the country of Morocco and the continent of Africa in general – his global achievements have led him to embrace innovation as he is indeed characterized by his inventions winning exceptional awards in multiple-international innovation expositions around the world.

According to 2M, the young Moroccan inventor is the first in Morocco to receive the “Inv” certificate, which recognizes the “most deserving inventors by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA).”

Besides, Mohamed is evidently zealous to major in either Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering as the passion for them is what has driven him to where he is now.

The article is originally published at EIN

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